Growing your eCommerce Brand with 3PL

3PL means Third Party Logistics. The role of third party logistics is to outsource some eCommerce logistic activities.


The sector began as mainly to provide 3PL warehouses to customers without the space to store their own products. Alongside this, these companies developed inventory management and packing and shipping solutions for their clients.


Today, 3PL can service almost all aspects of the supply chain, providing a range of flexible storage and distribution services to their customers.

Grow your eCommerce brand with our 3PL Services. Our team will be there from onboarding, to helping you get all your channels set up and selling.

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Grow your eCommerce brand with our 3PL Services. Our team will be there from onboarding, to helping you get all your channels set up and selling.

What 3PL can do for your business

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Focus on the most important tasks

The role of 3PL in supply chain management is to outsource some logistics activities so you can focus on the most important tasks for your business.

Because 3PL providers are experts in warehouse management and inventory control, they can provide solutions that are far beyond the capabilities of many growing businesses. 3PL invests in the most up to date technologies, so you don’t have to. They also have existing relationships with shippers and use economies of scale to get the best deals on shipping costs.
Free Storage For Two Months, Forever

3PL Warehouse

Third-party logistics offers a solution to many of the problems of start-ups and growing businesses. No longer do small businesses need to rent large warehouses or employ staff to pick, pack and post. Store your products in a 3PL warehouse and leverage the skills, knowledge and purchasing power of that company to grow your business.

Warehouse management can be a major headache for online businesses. Legal fees, contract negotiations, long/inflexible leases, security, heating, lighting, health and safety. All these issues are removed at a stroke with third-party logistics.
Fulfilment for Multichannel E-commerce Sellers

3PL Fulfilment Process Made Easy

3PL providers typically work with online retailers to take care of the order processing, from storing stock, pick and pack products, and final mile delivery through a range of couriers.

It’s quick and easy to get started with 3PL. Click here to see how it works. In just a few simple steps, you’ll be selling, growing and focusing on the most important things for your business.
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Improved delivery

3PLs use real-time analytics to determine the fastest and cheapest ways to get the orders to customers. This increases efficiency and reduces costs. In addition, as customers demand faster and faster delivery times, providers are able to respond to that need.

You can expand your business to other territories without having to worry about courier rates – a top 3PL company should offer you the best options.

eCommerce expansion

From 3PL London until Global 3PL, we help companies to enter new territories. For instance, our 3PL UK & EU helps US companies fulfil orders in the UK & EU (mainland Europe) through our network of fulfilment centres.
Free and Fast Integration with Most Shopping Sites

Integration with your shop

By using cloud-based technologies, 3PL allows you to access information about your business anytime and anywhere. Using cloud-based solutions also eliminates the need for IT system upgrades.

Overall, these advances will result in a cheaper solution for your business as well as a more satisfying experience for your customers.

Good 3PLs are able to integrate with many online marketplaces and sales channels.

3PL Success Stories

Our fulfilment solution is trusted by companies of all sizes, from challengers to established and premium brands. Check our success stories here.
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How to choose the best 3PL company

The first thing is to speak to a number of 3PL providers. Go back to the ones you spoke to before with what you learned from the ones you’ve spoken to more recently. Always check these details:

🗸 The pricing and the “small print”
🗸 If they use their own software or if they outsource it
🗸 The 3PL fulfilment centres locations
🗸 If the dashboard is user-friendly
🗸 If their business model matches your expectations
🗸 If their tech is able to integrate with your store
🗸 Returns management
🗸 Transparency in pricing and real-time costs
🗸 The shipping options they offer

Why should you use a 3PL partner?

🗸 When you want to focus on growth
🗸 When you’re spending too much time fulfilling your orders
🗸 When you want to expand to new territories
🗸 When you have peaks in demand and don’t want to have costs associated with these peaks
🗸 When you’re running out of storage
🗸 When you face a backlog of unfulfilled orders or when your customer service is not optimised

3PL Prices

3PL is not just for big businesses. It is often the perfect solution for small businesses, allowing them to expand without the need for the financial outlay of warehousing and staff costs.

Many small and medium businesses are turning to 3PL providers to reduce costs and overheads, improve flexibility and scalability and therefore ultimately improve customer satisfaction.

Huboo understands how important having price transparency is for start-ups, small and larger enterprises. That’s why Huboo has an online page with transparent prices that won’t hide anything from you.


A good 3PL partner will offer you a real-time dashboard, where you can monitor every stage of your 3PL: sales, costs, inventory and take all the actions needed to grow your business.