3PL Services for Shopify Sellers

Shopify is one of the leading eCommerce platforms in the world, with 4.4 million stores active on the platform. In order to fulfil orders from a Shopify store, a 3PL needs to have a Shopify Integration.

Huboo’s Shopify Integration supports the following workflows to support these sellers:

⇒ Product Sync – Import your listings into Huboo’s dashboard.

Order Sync – Push orders from Shopify to Huboo for fulfilment. 

Inventory Sync – Automatically update the listings with available inventory once stock arrives at the warehouse or is sold.

Dispatch – Push fulfilled status and tracking information back to shopify for easy customer service.

Multiple Shopify Stores – add multiple shopify stores to your Huboo dashboard and fulfil all orders from one place. 

⇒ Single sign-on connection – Simply login to your Shopify store from the Huboo dashboard to start fulfilling Shopify orders in minutes with no technical knowledge or support. 

Find out more – https://www.huboo.com/fulfilment/shopify-fulfilment/

3PL or Shopify Fulfilment Network?

Shopify Fulfilment network is only currently available in the USA for sellers that are using Shopify Payments and meet the product criteria.

Brands looking for a 3PL provider in the UK or Europe must look for an independent 3PL such as Huboo. Similarly, international brands may prefer to use a 3PL company with warehouses in more territories in order to streamline their supply chain and be able to monitor their fulfilment across all territories from one central dashboard. 

It is likely that Shopify will expand their fulfilment network into the UK and Canada next but a timeline is not confirmed. 

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