Become a Partner

We can offer tailored partnerships depending on what you want to achieve; whether it’s raising your brand’s profile, generating leads or a revenue share, our partnership solutions can help meet mutual commercial objectives.

How our Huboo Partnerships Program can benefit your business and your customers:

Why partner with Huboo?

Reach Your Audience

Reach Your Audience

We can help you reach a wider audience with collaborative social media and marketing campaigns.
Power up Week

Power Up Month

Be our featured VIP partner for a month. Power Up month gives you unrivalled focus from our team of business development managers speaking to our clients about your business. You’ll also be featured through our blog and social channels, and we’ll make a song and dance about your products and services!

The partnership programme can include features such as:

Partnerships - Blog posts

Blog posts

Share great content and have it amplified to our Huboo audience

Partnerships - Newsletter Articles

Newsletter articles

Contribute to our monthly newsletters that go out to all our clients

Partnerships - Social Media Content

Social media content

We’ll share great content across our social media channels