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Is your Online Business ready for Amazon Prime Day?

Posted on June 16, 2021
by David Hill
Amazon Prime Day 2021

Amazon Prime Day 21-22 June 2021

Amazon has announced the date for their annual Amazon Prime event. Monday 21st and Tuesday 22nd June will play host to one of the biggest eCommerce events of the year, Amazon Prime Day.

What is Amazon Prime Day?

The yearly event was launched in 2015, offering consumers the opportunity to take advantage of deals, price reductions and more from thousands of online retailers. Initially, a one-day affair, the event’s popularity has caused the day of deals to now span across two days. In 2020, more than a million deals were made through the marketplace, with $3.5bn spent across 19 countries, highlighting the sheer scale of the event. This year, Amazon will be delivering upwards of two million deals with price reductions across a made to a large variety of consumer goods.

To qualify for the discounts, you must have an Amazon Prime membership. 

Getting your Online Business ready for Amazon Prime Day

With an expected $100 million promotional campaign planned, Amazon Prime Day is set to be the biggest eCommerce event of 2021 so far. The pandemic has already seen a sustained boom in eCommerce orders and Amazon Prime is set to further accelerate this for the two days it is running.

Forward-thinking fulfilment

Given the expected uplift in online orders, retailers must be prepared to handle this spike in demand. One effective way to make sure your online business is Amazon Prime Day ready is to outsource some or all of your eCommerce order fulfilment. Fulfilment partners are set up especially to handle not only consistent order levels but also spikes in order demand such as Black Friday, Christmas and of course Amazon Prime Day.

With Amazon Prime Day being only days away it’s likely that it’s too late to source a fulfilment partner, if you haven’t already. However to ensure you are set for success a forward-thinking fulfilment plan can help you cope with expected demand peaks throughout the year.

Be prepared and equipped for demand surges

Ecommerce software is sophisticated enough that you can sell your products on some of the largest marketplaces on the web within hours. Instead, the challenge lies in being prepared and equipped to respond to surges in demand. For an eCommerce offering to be successful and sustainable, retailers need to pay close ongoing attention to their online ecosystem in its entirety.

 Choose the right IT software. 

The biggest cause of inefficient trading is the retailer’s failure to choose the correct IT software to manage their sales channels, warehousing, and fulfilment and delivery partners. To ensure a scalable business that grows in line with rapidly increasing consumer demand, investing in the right technology is essential. 

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