Posted on February 25, 2021
by Huboo Fulfilment

Avoiding digital trip hazards by future-proofing your IT with Martin Bysh

Why future-proofing your IT is essential in avoiding the trip hazards retailers face online 

The online retail sector has grown exponentially over the past year, with one-third of all retail sales coming through online channels in November of last year. Covid has brought about an irreversible change in consumer’s shopping habits that continue to add fuel to the ever-growing fire that is the eCommerce industry. Martin shared his insights with Business Leader magazine on why future-proofing your IT is vital for retailers to avoid digital trip hazards. 

  In today’s world, getting started in online trading is a mere click away. 

 Ecommerce software is sophisticated enough that you can sell your products on some of the largest marketplaces on the web within hours. Instead, the challenge lies in being prepared and equipped to respond to surges in demand. For an eCommerce offering to be successful and sustainable, retailers need to pay close ongoing attention to their online ecosystem in its entirety. 

Choosing the right IT software 

 The biggest cause of inefficient trading is the retailer’s failure to choose the correct IT software to manage their sales channels, warehousing, and fulfilment and delivery partners. To ensure a scalable business that grows in line with rapidly increasing consumer demand, investing in the right technology is essential.  

 Channel management and integration 

 Exploring your options at the beginning of your business journey is a sure way to manage any digital obstacles that might crop up. Spending time on orders, sales, picking and packing can quickly become overwhelming and a waste of time. Advanced software tools that let the user integrate and manage channels, such as our dashboard that integrates with over 70 sales channels are optimal for achieving eCommerce success. Seek tools that allow you to control stock levels and provide rich data on listing performance and optimisation.  

 There is a huge opportunity for UK retailers to take advantage of this boom, investing in the right tech stack early in your journey will ensure you come out on top of this eCommerce rush.  

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