Posted on May 24, 2022
by Liam Brennan

How Huboo Fulfilment Helps Both Clients & Employees

Huboo Manager

Our Humancentric Approach to Fulfilment

Huboo’s unique Hub Model can offer the most effective method of fulfilment for online stores. The many awards and investments that we’ve received over the past few years are a clear sign of the impact that our innovative, humancentric model is having upon the eCommerce industry.

Our Huboo model adopts an approach fulfilment that prioritises a high-quality work environment for all staff. Unlike other fulfilment centres, we grant our employees total control of their own micro-hubs, in which they take ownership of a specific set of client accounts, effectively acting as an extension of a client’s brand.

We also train our staff as specialists in a multitude of retail sectors. This approach allows our staff to feel a greater personal connection within their role at Huboo, helping to establish an engaged workforce that our clients have direct contact with. Whether they want to provide a quick product update, or need to arrange an extended discussion about their account, they can do so with ease.

Unlike Huboo’s humancentric strategy, other fulfilment providers use the industry-standard franchise model that neglects direct contact and minimises responsibilities for warehouse staff. This impersonal method often results in unprepared warehousing plans and poor communication, losing both the efficiency and consistency that Huboo’s solution offers.

We are also transparent with all our prices for global markets, allowing clients to understand exactly what costs to expect before they fulfil with us.

Business Benefits

Our Hub Model allows eCommerce business owners to save money, time, and product space, so they can focus their time on other aspects of the business. Providing such peace of mind has established Huboo as a brand to trust across our industry, enabling Huboo to help deliver growth for thousands of retailers across Europe.

Huboo is a European fulfilment provider with extensive experience of eCommerce warehousing across the continent. This separates us from many US-based rivals who don’t possess the intricate, localised knowledge of European fulfilment. Huboo’s unrivalled partnership network and experience in navigating post-Brexit shipping legislation, dealing with new customs policies, and solving international supply-chain issues, means our clients can reap the benefits of fulfilling internationally, without the headache.

We also incorporate our brand into the specific culture of the countries and communities we operate in. This allows us to better understand our clients’ businesses and their staff. In fact, Huboo is active in several local charities and social groups within the communities of our UK offices and warehouses. As Huboo expands, we plan to make further contributions to the many international societies we enter.

Technology Support

At Huboo, our technologies play a supporting role in providing both clients and employees with the best possible experience. Our Zebra scanners ensure a 99.9% picking accuracy rate, simplifying the picking process for our Hub Managers and ensuring our client’s and their customers have high quality service.

Our technology-powered dashboard and supporting software means that clients can enjoy accessible communications with their Hub Manager. Such instantaneous contact also means that our clients don’t experience long wait times when trying to reach Customer Service on the phone or via online chatbots.

Recently, we introduced a scanning robot that traverses the warehouse floor through the night, identifying any potential issues and surveying stock levels so that our warehouse teams can take action imminently the following day. Our robotics team work closely with Operations to ensure that the introduction of any supporting technology is smooth and that the relevant teams are familiarised with its responsibilities.

Such additions are always aligned with our humancentric model, meaning they’ll never take jobs away from our employees, but rather support and simplify their daily tasks to make our fulfilment methods even more efficient.

Employee Comfort

Our well-structured warehouses are based around micro-hubs, which enable us to reduce the time our staff spend creating orders, leading to less strenuous daily routines that are far lower than the fulfilment industry’s average daily walking time for employees.

In addition to employee health, our Hub Model has unlimited scalability, which significantly improves fulfilment efficiency, helping us to achieve our current pick accuracy rate of an outstanding 99.99%. Our headless capabilities mean clients can scale up, or down, dependent on order volume; helping businesses to better manage their inventory levels through periods of low demand and peak seasons.

Huboo in the Media

With the Huboo brand name becoming synonymous with high-quality fulfilment, we have been acknowledged by a large number of media outlets; from UK publications, to internationally recognised websites and magazines.

If you want to learn more about how our unique fulfilment model can help your business grow to new heights, get in touch now to discuss your needs and receive a quote.