Posted on May 06, 2021
by Huboo Fulfilment

How to Turn Your Side Hustle into Your Main Source of Income

2020 bore witness to the rise of the side hustle. As the globe spent more time inside and our usual vices weren’t afforded to us, the world was forced to find more inventive ways to pass the time. For many, this newfound freedom was a period given to binge Netflix and finally get round to doing that task you’ve been putting off, but for some, the free time was the opportunity to further their passion.

So, what is a side hustle?

A side hustle is a name given to a piece of work or job that you get paid for doing, in addition to your main job. 25% of people in the UK currently have a side hustle, these secondary sources of income can range from freelancing to selling hand-embroidered tees. 57% of people that currently have a side hustle plan to turn this into their full-time source of income in the future.

Maybe your side hustle is selling those hand-embroidered tees we just spoke about. You’re making the t-shirt, ordering the packaging materials, and praying there’s no delay with the delivery. You pack the orders and take your fifth trip of the week to the post office. Whilst it’s great that your store is doing so well, the other parts don’t sound so great.

How Huboo can help

As a multichannel eCommerce fulfilment provider, Huboo takes care of storing stock, picking, and packing orders and safely delivering them to their buyer. Choosing a 3PL fulfilmentent provider such as Huboo to fulfil your logistics needs is known as outsourcing. This is where an eCommerce merchant will partner with a supply chain management service, send them their stock and they’ll cover the rest. This type of service is chosen by many busy entrepreneurs and eCommerce business owners, to help shoulder the weight of the packing process.

One of the main advantages of outsourcing is that it saves time, a precious commodity for any entrepreneur. Instead of fulfilling the incoming flux of orders, you can focus on ensuring you have the right stock levels to meet demand, enhance your marketing strategy, refine social content, and capture a wider audience. 

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Choosing a service like Huboo that has a 99.9% picking and packing accuracy rate minimises picking errors. We have the facilities to ensure that the right order, reaches the right customer, so no more packing and unpacking an order just to triple check. And if you were wondering about customer service outsourcing, our customer service team will handle any questions your shoppers might have, we even handle returns.

Investing in the warehouse infrastructure effectively means you have over 200 people all working to fulfil your orders and help scale up your passion. That’s 398 extra hands! Working with a well-connected 3PL service gives access to a huge network of industry resources, such as efficient courier providers, innovative tech, and the chance to fulfil international orders. 

The time you had afforded to your side hustle doesn’t have to stay in lockdown. Investing in an efficient fulfilment provider gets you one step close to turning your side hustle, into a successful eCommerce business. 

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