Posted on July 29, 2021
by Huboo Fulfilment

OnBuy’s Top Three Tips to Consider when Globalising your eCommerce Business

The internet makes any business, regardless of location a mere click away. As the world of eCommerce continues to thrive, many successful entrepreneurs are seeking ways to expand their online presence to sell cross-border. Whilst it’s easy to assume that globalising your eCommerce store is a simple process, here’s three things you might want to bear in mind to ensure success.  

1. Know The Culture

There are differences in culture worldwide that we all know and respect, but also plenty of details to keep in mind that are less apparent at first glance. It’s nobody’s fault – it all depends on where in the world you’ve grown up and created your business. Either way, it always pays to do your research.

While taboos vary by region, one aspect of global culture you can put to your online business’s advantage is the chance to participate in international events.

Suddenly, you’ve got the chance for both New Year’s Day and Chinese New Year sales, for example – or Valentine’s Day promotions internationally backed by White Day promotions and product marketing in Japan and wider Asia. Eid in the summertime, Thanksgiving in the autumn, and a packed Q4 all over the world. At the broader level, showing respect and understanding for the culture of countries you’re moving into makes you appealing and trustworthy to your new customers. You know what they say – there’s only one chance to make a first impression.

2. Get your shipping running smoothly

Shipping orders at scale can be a complex part of eCommerce at the best of times, and when you go global, there are added layers of complexity still. Delivery times and potential stoppages at borders – not to mention the risk of incurring fees – can create a headache.

Luckily, help is at hand. Leaning on established expertise in international fulfilment means you have both the support you need to understand the international eCommerce landscape, and the capacity to reach your new customer base, wherever they are on the planet.

3. Join the world’s fastest-growing marketplace

Classically, eCommerce marketplaces that try to go global have had a mixed time of it. Much of that is likely down to the fact that those marketplaces also function as retailers in and of themselves – making the customers and businesses of the countries they move into feel cagey when they appear on the horizon.

Yet when you join OnBuy as a seller, you’re not just selling on the world’s fastest-growing marketplace – you’re selling on an online marketplace that never competes with its sellers. This sense of trust and fairness enhances confidence on all sides.

OnBuy will continue to give eCommerce retailers the tools and support they need to thrive as it expands globally going into year-end 2023. That means you’re reaching new countries on your terms on an opt-in, opt-out basis, with the freedom to do business your way.

With so many opportunities ripe for the taking worldwide, the time to get yourself established around the globe is definitely now!

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