Posted on October 01, 2022
by Huboo eCommerce Fulfilment

Prepare for Key eCommerce Sales Dates

The peak season for online sales is now upon us. The busy last quarter of the year comes with several key dates vital for the success of any eCommerce store during this time.

Read on to learn about these global recognised sales events and how best to prepare your store for them.

November 11th: Singles’ Day

Singles Day originated in China and Japan as a celebration of being single, almost as a rebuke to Valentines Day. It’s since become recognised all over the world as an opportunity to treat yourself to a gift. A personal celebration your store can benefit from. Singles Day is still a young event in the Western world, but it’s gaining popularity every year.

November 25th: Black Friday

What began as an American sales day for bargain hunters has now turned into a global retailing phenomenon in which stores benefit from an amazing opportunity to not only clear a backlog of stock, but make a major profit in the process. Preparing for Black Friday is now just as important as being ready for Christmas, and Huboo is well prepared.

November 28th: Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday has become an extension of Black Friday, and a purely digital opportunity for retailers to further benefit from a sales boom ahead of Christmas. Huboo has assisted many retailers with fulfilment ahead of this event which occurs on the last Monday of November.

December 12th: Green Monday

Green Monday takes place each year on the second Monday in December. This is the last Monday that has a minimum of 10 shipping days before Christmas. Green Monday is an event that began when eBay chise to advertise their biggest sales day. Since then it has become a retail industry staple for assuring customers that their order(s) will arrive in time for Christmas Day. Our advanced hub model guarantees that our clients get their orders shipped in accordance with Green Monday expectations.

December 26th: Boxing Day/January Sales

For years now eCommerce stores have been starting their January Sales early on Boxing Day, a date when consumers are likely to shop from home with their families.

Having your online store ready for the post-Christmas rush is vital for competing against other stores, especially as online competition has become so fierce.

If you want your store to stand out during this competitive time, try offering discounts, flash sales, or even free shipping to get your store noticed.

Better yet, let the traffic come to you by devising a great viral idea! All you need is for one TikTok video to get noticed and your social commerce success will reach new heights.

When you outsource your fulfilment to a 3PL like Huboo, you can spend your time focusing on cool, creative ways to get noticed on social media while we solve all complex logistical aspects for you. Our warehouses are ready for your orders throughout the entire peak season and can reach your customers all over the world.