Posted on August 26, 2021
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Sell More with eBay SEO


You may be asking yourself what is eBay SEO?

eBay SEO is the process of Optimising eBay listing data and seller performance to rank as highly as possible in eBay search results.

It may seem obvious, but to be successful on eBay, firstly, buyers need to find your listings and secondly, when they do find them, they need enough information to make a purchase (convert).

In this article we will focus on eBay listing data optimisation, however, it is vital to take note that seller performance is equally important on eBay as one simply won’t work without the other!

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For potential buyers to find your listings, you need to leverage and optimise your data

Whilst there are many benefits associated with optimising your listing date, the primary goal is to maximise your visibility in search. Remember, if it can’t be seen it won’t be sold.

Here’s the thing though, there is no silver bullet!

So, where should you be focusing your time and attention?

  • Product Categories – selecting the right category defines which Item Specifics to use
  • Item Specifics – make it easy for buyers to find what they want, quickly, using filtered searches
  • Required Product Identifiers – help buyers to find your items on eBay & external search engines
  • Listing Titles – use up to 80 characters, include relevant Item Specifics, keep them readable
  • Keywords – include 3 – 5 keywords in titles & descriptions, product identifiers where relevant
  • Product Descriptions – focus on product features & benefits, keep concise & mobile friendly

Optimising your listings in this way will increase better-qualified traffic to your listings, improve conversion, lower return rates, and deliver a better customer experience. What’s not to like?

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Why are Item Specifics so important for eBay SEO?

Item Specifics are a key piece of the eBay selling equation as they ensure important attributes of the product you are selling, such as brand, size, type, colour, style, and other relevant data.

55% of eBay searches include an Item Specific or some level of filtering

Source: eBay Connect 2020

Listings with optimised Item Specifics are immediately more visible on eBay because they help users narrow down their choices using filters on search results. Ultimately, bringing better quality prospective buyers to your listings. This is especially true for some verticals. For example, eBay states that buyers looking for fashion items are 65% more likely to use filters (and therefore Item Specifics) to narrow down their search results.

In summary, you cannot afford to get visibility wrong on eBay, or you risk losing out to your competitors in search volume and therefore sales. Not only that but having a good handle on your eBay store performance data will help you make the right decisions to unlock further growth.

If that sounds challenging, don’t worry – that’s where Optiseller comes in.

Having worked with some of the largest retailers worldwide and driven the launch and growth of over 1,200 eBay stores, we have a wealth of experience in analysing business problems and providing best practice solutions that drive success. And with over 10 years of experience working directly with eBay sellers, we’ve got the tools to help you increase the visibility and convert your listings into sales. With a subscription to Optiseller you can optimise your item specifics and access a host of other features to ensure your eBay store is set up for success!

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About the author

Chris Cook works as a Customer Success Specialist at Optiseller. Prior to joining Optiseller, Chris managed eBay and Amazon for a large fashion retailer and ran his own eBay and Amazon marketplace business from 2009 to 2019. Find out how Optiseller can help you sell more on eBay here.