Posted on April 13, 2021
by Huboo Fulfilment

Top Tips for Choosing a Fulfilment Partner

Finding the Right Fulfilment Partner

Many brands and businesses that use fulfilment for their logistics needs need to streamline the service for their clients. The logistics process is an intricate one that requires much attention to the intricacies involved. Before deciding on a fulfilment service partner, determine how each of the following areas aligns with your company’s fulfilment requirements.

So here are our top tips for choosing the right fulfilment partner for your business.

Fulfilment Flexibility and Pricing

A fulfilment partner can be with you for the long run, at every stage of your growth. Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, flexible fulfilment solutions are available to suit your business needs. Some fulfilment partners offer part, seasonal and full fulfilment solutions, so you can choose to outsource all or part of your order fulfilment.

When it comes to pricing, no one likes nasty surprises or hidden costs. Choosing a service that has a transparent pricing structure is vital for any business, especially start-ups and smaller companies that don’t have access to extra capital to spend on logistics.

It’s essential to consider both short-term and long-term costs; this includes providers that charge low storage fees and offer minimal shipping costs. Whilst it’s important to ensure you’re not spending above what is necessary, it’s vital to choose a provider who doesn’t compromise quality when offering cheaper rates. Check out Huboo’s transparent pricing guide here.

Packing Pricing

Tech-focused Integration

The key to getting fast and accurate delivery of your products relies on your orders’ fast and accurate processing. The best way to make that happen is to hire a fulfilment provider with technology that can integrate directly into your sales channels with visibility.

Technology is changing how eCommerce businesses are handling the shipping process. Top-rated fulfilment centres should use software to support inventory management, enhance data reporting, and manage inbound/outbound freight.

For example, at Huboo our user-friendly, dashboards have been designed in-house to integrate seamlessly with your selling platforms to give you a consistent service. Our customers can keep track of goods in and monitor order statuses, sales, and listing in re-time.

You can also track couriers, manage to spend on edit product listings instantly. Providers that match the technology used in E-businesses become an extension of their brand. The result? A seamless service for all involved.

Packaging Options

Along with branding, you want to choose a centre with a wide variety of packaging options that align with the product you’re shipping. Having options for the correct type of packaging will also reduce damage to products. Plus, sometimes it’s what’s on the inside that counts! So, you want to be sure you have your pick of insulation materials, too, whether that’s corrugated paper, foam rolls, shredded paper, bubble wrap, or air pillows, make sure it can cover your items.

Warehouse Location

Customers in 2021 expect lightning-fast shipping speeds, the way to achieve this? Choosing a warehouse in a centralised location with access to transport links can help get your products to their intended customer in less time.

We know that changes in consumer demand open new and sometimes tricky pathways for merchants to navigate, such as a call for next-day delivery, but opting for a logistics provider that is closer to your customers and can prove lucrative.

fulfilment centre

One of our Fulfilment Centres


No one likes to receive the wrong item. The consequences of miss-packed goods are damaging to both the brand and service provider and is often a catalyst in driving the consumers to shop elsewhere. A provider that can promise accurate and efficient picking and packing is crucial in the wheel to deliver a seamless end-to-end service. At Huboo, we’re proud of our 99.9% picking and packing accuracy rate; that’s pretty high.

Want to choose a fulfilment provider that delivers? Contact Huboo to begin your fulfilment journey.

Things to consider when choosing the right fulfilment partner

When should you outsource your fulfilment?

There are several signs that you are ready to outsource your fulfilment to a fulfilment partner. Here are a few of them:

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