Posted on August 29, 2019
by Huboo Fulfilment

What it takes to become memorable

We have been hard at work creating even more amazing partnerships for our Huboo community to benefit from. This week, the team at Foundry Digital have created a helpful quick guide to direct new businesses towards building a winning and memorable e-commerce solution, incorporating branding, and creating a positive user experience. If you want to read any of our other blogs, then you can check them right here before diving right into this piece of quality content.

Branding is what defines a company. It is how followers recognise, relate, and connect with a business. The branding of a company should resonate a positive, memorable experience, leaving customers the desire to return. To effectively build this connection with consumers, companies must build a personable and representable image of themselves. This personality must be reflected across all media – especially in the digital sphere through effective e-commerce branding.

Striving to be memorable, companies continuously work towards attracting and retaining clients. Building an e-commerce store is no different, the design should create a positive user experience through the combination of visual elements and simplified processes to leave an everlasting impression – after all, this is what encourages customers to invest in the brand.

Set the goal

The top piece of advice provided for businesses entering the e-commerce realm is to have a comprehensive understanding of what is trying to be achieved, and who is being targeted. While the overall goal is to generate sales, companies often find it challenging to figure out the best way to go about this. For the best outcome, streamline the target market for a more direct marketing approach, aim for demographics specifically interested in the company rather than trying to appeal to a wider audience. In doing this, the e-commerce store can work towards developing a more tailored solution that offers an unforgettable experience and builds brand loyalty.

Create an identity

E-commerce branding is just as important as creating a positive user experience. Without branding, the consumer will not remember the organisation, just what was sold. Incorporating branding on a website doesn’t just mean the over saturation and in-your-face presence of a company logo, it can be done in a memorable and tasteful way. Utilising a consistent colour pallet, typography and brand consistent imagery will effectively represent the brand in circumstances where a company logo isn’t required. Remember, the website should be user-friendly as well as memorable so don’t sacrifice one for the other.

Utilising simple navigation throughout the e-commerce store is imperative – if it’s too hard for you, it will be even harder for the consumer! Simple processes and navigation partnered with clean, clear displays of information and creative flair will lead to the generation of online sales.

Get the team

With solid branding in place and a clear outline of the target market, the fun part can start: planning, creating and developing! Working with a development team, the opportunities are endless. The team at Foundry Digital will support the end goal while providing worldly insights and in-depth knowledge about e-commerce platforms such as WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify, CS Cart, Big Commerce amongst others, plus product categorisation structure, taxonomies, connections to Huboo fulfillment centre, payment gateway integrations and clever standard add on’s like wish lists, promotional codes, filters, analytics tracking and product performance.

Bring it all to life

With the e-commerce branding phase finalised, the project is ready to be passed to the development team who will bring the designs to life by following a standardised technical phase, which includes:

  • Completing the technical server configurations
  • Coding the site’s framework
  • Configuring the project’s back end
  • Building the site’s front end
  • Ensuring responsiveness to all devices
  • Adding tracking and marketing scripts

Foundry Digital create customised solutions that incorporate flexible site navigation for a pleasant user experience. During the build, a simplified main menu function fitting with the e-commerce branding is determined and shop filters are incorporated to help refine product searches by name or price. For bespoke e-commerce solutions, product page layouts are customised to include several images, clearly displayed product information, custom-defined fields and the ability for users to share products across social platforms.

Delivering simplified processes for easy management, Foundry Digital incorporated functionality that easily enables management of product promotions and promotional codes for member discounts, loyalty rewards or seasonal offers. Pairing this with the latest payment systems, the final e-commerce store will calculate shipping and taxation costs for a comprehensive process. Integrating the e-commerce website with Huboo allows businesses to focus on generating sales whilst Huboo manages the entire fulfilment process, from picking to packing and shipping.

Your web development team – Foundry Digital

Ready with the latest e-commerce trends, Foundry Digital construct tailored solutions that include simple and secure payment systems, an easy to use back end, access to analytics, and a responsive outcome suitable for desktop and portable devices, allowing the process to be managed by your team while you chase the business!

The tight-knit team of developersdesigners and marketers at Foundry Digital bring all skills required to deliver world-class e-commerce branding solutions. Backed by years of technical knowledge and international experience, Foundry Digital works with clients to ensure the delivery of bespoke solutions that cohesively combine branding with user experience. Contact the team at Foundry Digital on 02077367959 or visit the website to discuss achieving your e-commerce branding goals.