Posted on October 25, 2021
by Huboo Fulfilment

Why You Should Make Spain Your Next eCommerce Market

As Huboo prepares for an appearance at the Madrid E-Show on 27-28 October, we take a look at why Spain is a key market for eCommerce expansion.

If you run a UK-based business and are thinking of expanding your enterprise across the continent , there’s no better location than the sunny shores of Spain. Yes, Brexit has caused many issues for UK sellers who provide their services to the EU market, but this should not deter UK sellers from expanding to EU territories.

Huboo is expanding its own operations across the content, and Spain is the next country where we plan to introduce our unique approach to warehouse fulfilment. Our employee-focused method of eCommerce distribution allows our clients to have direct contact with a designated fulfilment manager who ‘ll ensure all client needs are individually catered for.

But why expand into the Spanish market? Well, Spain is a leading nation for eCommerce success. In fact, 2020 saw the country boast an impressive 36% year-on-year commerce growth even as the pandemic caused distribution problems for businesses around the world. This growth was the third largest of any EU country that year.

The economies of Spain and the UK have long been built around strong trade agreements. The two countries hold close ties across many aspects of business, with Spain remaining the 11th largest UK goods exporter, even after the Brexit negotiations concluded. In total, this trade accounts for 2.6% of all UK exports.

In addition to strong UK ties, Spain is also a prime location for establishing cross-border shipping to other valuable territories, with the country’s other top markets being the robust economies of China and Germany. Another great benefit of expanding into the Spanish market is that once your business is successfully established here you can use this location as a reliable door to the EU single market for further access to the organisation’s 450 million consumers. 

Huboo is already an industry expert when it comes to organising successful EU campaigns for UK businesses, having established itself as a leading eCommerce fulfilment centre in the Netherlands over the past few years. This move into Europe has allowed us to recognize and negotiate the many vital changes that Brexit has brought; making us a distribution centre with insight into European expansion which many other eCommerce warehousing companies lack.

The challenges presented by Brexit have actually strengthened Huboo’s knowledge of European expansion and increased our awareness of how a third-party logistics company should adapt to the changes posed by Brexit regulations. So instead of putting yourself through the hassle of negotiating the minefield of Brexit legal criteria, you can allow our fulfilment experts to look these issues while you focus on your company’s internal management.

Huboo’s venture into Spain will only be the beginning of our ambition as we look further across the continent for new fulfilment opportunities. With Huboo you’re in safe hands wherever you choose to sale. Click here to learn about how we have already successfully expanded Huboo’s fulfilment model to the Netherlands.