Posted on March 03, 2022
by Huboo eCommerce Fulfilment

Daniel Collins: Founder of Forest Spa_ Finland

Daniel Collins, Founder & Brand Director at Forest Spa Finland

Where did it all start?

Founded at the beginning of the pandemic, increasingly we saw that consumers were looking for skincare and wellness solutions that can have a positive impact on their daily lives and on the planet, and that is where Finland came in.

We are a skincare and wellness brand, with customers all around the world. Our company was founded on the principle that skin care and wellness are directly linked, so we began our journey with a mission to help customers combat the impact that stress has on their skin.

We really feel that it’s important for our products tell our story in a way that consumers can easily understand, so they recognise what we’re about and what the product does.

The name Forest Spa Finland is all about the experience that our products will offer, a daily connection to Nordic nature. We wanted our brand and product names to reflect what we are offering.

Tell me some more about the brand itself?

Having a close personal connection with Finland, I have been captivated by the Nordic approach to health and wellness. There is such a strong connection and respect for their forest ecosystem. Finland has actually been awarded ‘happiest country on earth’ for the last 3 years running, so they must be getting something right!

This culminated with the powerful and potent natural plant extracts, which have been used for centuries by the Nordic people. They actively support wellness and help protect against stress impacts.

My role as brand founder is very much about the brand and product strategy, as well as building partnerships. It is important for us to be a brand that ‘does better’ than many of the traditional alternatives; I want ensure that we achieve that in every aspect of how we operate.

Consumers today expect a lot from companies, so I take it very personally that we can really be their ‘go to’ brand and deliver something that has a tangible, positive impact on their lives.

Had you ever heard of Huboo before joining?

No, we only came across Huboo when researching online. We knew we needed a fulfilment partner that understood the challenges that a small start up business can face, as well as the demands of the consumer for excellence in delivery.

The website is very informative and transparent, so when we had the call with your team, it was an easy match.

Huboo offers more than just fulfilment – there’s advice, support and generally a culture that wants to see your business succeed!

How was your onboarding experience, has the dashboard been easy-to-use?

The dashboard is great – super easy to use and enables us to deliver hands-on customer service to our consumers. It’s fun to see the orders come in through our own platform and follow the journey on the dashboard – it can be quite addictive!

We needed a lot of ‘hand-holding’ at the start, but now that we are up and running, it feels like one of the many daunting elements of running a business is being looked after by experts.

How has Huboo benefited you and your business?

Huboo has helped us to sell in the markets where our customers are. With a UK and an EU hub, we can now offer localised as well as international shipping. Having a partner that can provide a service that suited our needs, as well as our customers, was so important.

We had very specific packaging needs, but the Huboo team had ‘an everything is possible’ approach to all of our challenges. That solution-focused approach is exactly the spirit you need from your business partners, especially when you’re just starting up.

Our business is direct-to-consumer as we want to have a close relationship with our customers. We love that we can ship directly to them and track their orders, as well as having open communication.

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Do you have any advice or tips for your customers?

Normal delivery schedules are severely impacted across all countries to varying degrees – if you are ordering a product as a gift, or you have run out of your daily supplement supply, always check the website for the latest on delivery times or email us directly and we will try our best to help answer your questions.

Any other thoughts you’d like to share?

We are excited about Huboo’s growth plans, as we know we will benefit from all the additional fulfilment centres in the pipeline. This will make our international expansion plans a lot easier to bring to fruition.