Posted on June 05, 2023
by Savitha Padullaparthi

Coblo: Elzemiek van Berkel

Coblo, fulfilled by Huboo

Coblo was founded in 2021 with a mission to inspire creativity, spark imagination, and promote the development of problem-solving skills in children. With its innovative magnetic pieces, Coblo creates products that are engaging and educational, while also being fun and safe. 

The name Coblo is derived from the two words “Construction Blocks” and the brand is known for its beautiful, safe, and strong magnetic building blocks with a unique star design. 

Collaboration with a toys and games fulfilment partner, Huboo 

Coblo began their journey processing and shipping orders in-house. But as the orders increased, they soon realised it was time to get professional help. They began searching for a third-party fulfilment partner and came across Huboo. After an initial phone call and demonstration of the dashboard, their decision was made.

“Outsourcing our fulfilment to Huboo was the best decision of the year,” says the Founder of Coblo, Elzemiek van Berkel. “In the past, fulfilment took up a significant amount of time and internal resources to troubleshoot and get right. When you’re growing rapidly, it just takes too much time to handle orders yourself. Now, our time is better spent on other aspects of our business. Since working with Huboo our sales doubled and we continue to grow feeling assured that, from managing inventory and supply chain logistics, to ensuring product safety and compliance with prompt customer service; Huboo is always there to handle. “

Integration with eCommerce channels 

Coblo knows  a perfect integration allows the business to streamline their processes, automate the fulfilment workflow, and provide customers with a seamless shopping experience.

“Ever since our first conversation, Huboo has felt like the perfect match. The warehouse management system (WMS) is technologically advanced yet user-friendly and we had an excellent onboarding experience by Luuk Bartels. Within a day everything was integrated into the system, we sent our stock to the warehouse and were ready to start.” Says Elzemiek.

“The way that Huboo’s WMS links to Shopify, and how it runs our inventory management, is all very effective. Integrating seamlessly with other platforms such as WooCommerce, in addition to the API with is impressive, and it allows us to scale the system with ease. This is one of the key reasons why we joined Huboo.”

Enabling growth

Coblo has ambitious plans for the business over the coming months. They are working on innovative product development and bringing in wider colour ranges, focusing primarily on the Netherlands and gradually expanding into other European markets, i.e. Germany, Finland, Poland and the Czech Republic.

“Due to Huboo’s incredible growth and expansion, both in the UK and overseas in recent years, we plan to scale up and expand overseas effortlessly, growing our customer base outside of the Netherlands without having to worry about navigating fulfilment logistics in different countries,” explains Elzemiek.

Following a successful pastel range magnetic blocks launch in 2022, Coblo are set to introduce a pastel-coloured marble run and big base plates before the summer.

Elzemiek says, “At Coblo, our passion for open-ended play is driving our success and with the help of Huboo, we are sure to keep growing and bringing uninhibited and exuberant fun to children all around the world.”

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