Posted on December 16, 2021
by Nick Pennington

Fulfilment from 35,000 feet: Effect Doctors

Have you ever sourced and selected a fulfilment partner whilst crossing the Atlantic Ocean at 35,000 feet? That’s exactly what Effect Doctors did to fulfil their Covid test kits! Read the incredible story of how they got started with Huboo, and how it took less than a week from searching to shipments.

Can you tell us a little bit about the company?

Effect Doctors are a London-based, bespoke medical service which started doing COVID tests during the pandemic. We sell a range of health care products, such as blood tests, IV drips and IM boosters.

We branched into lateral flow tests as the government requirements changed their policy, and suddenly we were receiving 100’s of orders every day. This swamped our team and we were almost unable to cope with the demands. So, we decided that we would work with a professional fulfilment company to take the pressure off.

When did you realise that Huboo was for you?

It’s an interesting story… I was on a flight back from the USA and purchased in-flight Wi-Fi. I was researching online for potential fulfilment partners and that’s when I came across Huboo. The website and dashboard system was appealing, so I decided to send an inquiry, and I received an almost immediate reply.

I said that I’d like to be contacted once I arrived back home, but I didn’t quite expect it to be as fast as it was. As soon as I landed back in the UK, I spoke to Zach who got the wheels in motion right away!

How was your onboarding experience?

After going through the necessary onboarding processes, I was set up extremely quickly. In fact, I was trading our products using Huboo within 7 days. I landed back home on Tuesday, our stock was in the warehouse by Friday, and we were operational by the following Tuesday.

It’s incredible how supportive and attentive the team were, and it’s really amazing that we were fully setup and trading just one week after making my initial inquiry. I was extremely impressed by Zach’s knowledge and approach, as well as the incredible speed and efficiency in which I was onboarded.

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What has outsourcing your fulfilment done for your business?

Outsourcing our fulfilment to a third party has meant that we have been able to massively increase our PPC (pay-per-click) budget and it means we don’t need to worry about the logistics of physically sorting, packing and sending the products out to our customers. Before joining, I was packing our products in my house with my cousin, so we’ve grown massively.

Efficiency is everything for businesses, I knew that I was in safe hands with Huboo straight away. The speed and efficiency in which Huboo operates has meant I can concentrate on other aspects of the business, knowing my stock is being well-managed and looked after. Since being with Huboo, orders have continued to rise. Sales have increased by at least 50% and are continuing on that upward trend.

What does the future hold for the company?

After the government requirements for LFTs (lateral flow tests) after travelling are removed, then we will refocus on our core business. We predict this will be a short term burst of activity (6-12 months). It’s about adjusting to current trends, remaining agile to government requirements, and driving brand awareness to ensure we’re reaching our target audiences and keeping up with demand.