Posted on June 18, 2021
by Huboo eCommerce Fulfilment

In Conversation with JS Health

We sat down with Hermione Underwood, UK CEO of one of our favourite clients; research-backed, supplement and vitamin brand, JS Health.

Tell us a bit about JS Health, the business, and the brand.

JS Health is a health and wellness company founded in Australia by trained nutritionist Jessica Sepel. Our primary product is our vitamin and supplement range, including the bestseller formula Hair + Energy, which we use Huboo for. There’s also an app(!) that offers healthy recipes and home workouts, as well as a range of cookbooks.

You’ve been UK CEO since Feb; tell us a bit about yourself & your journey.

I’ve been at JS Health since February 2020, but joined as the UK CEO in September, so CEO for nine months in total now. Previously, I worked for myself across a myriad of different roles from brand consultancy, which evolved into modern PR as the world of social media took over traditional comms. As well as this I have been the founder of both a jewellery brand, and a wine brand; so, you could say that the transition to CEO was a significant one for me!

Rob was also very transparent that you were a relatively new company with new technology, and it’s been so lovely to grow alongside one other. We’ve witnessed huge growth since partnering with Huboo, and so have you, and that’s been an inspiring journey to go on together.

 What has lockdown meant to the vitamins market?

We officially launched JS Health into the UK market in September when I came on board as CEO, and before that, we just shipped from Australia.

It’s hard to say how Covid has impacted our business; our growth has been so immense it’s been hard to attribute it to a single factor. We’ve had exponential growth from the beginning; it’s only been three years, but we’ve gone from just being local to Australia to expanding into China, America, and the UK; and now we’re looking to move into Europe. People have also become more aware of their health, and digital shopping habits have evolved.  

Is there anything else that made you choose Huboo over a different fulfilment provider?

The pricing was very transparent and clear cut, with no nasty hidden costs; it was a very streamlined offering. We’ve stayed with Huboo throughout the peaks and troughs because there have been learnings on both sides; we appreciate that whenever a mistake happens, we work together as a team to find a resolution that suits both parties. There is an immense level of care towards us, which we value greatly, but mostly, it was Rob.

What are you most looking forward to from July 19th?

I’m used to the new normal, I love my job, and I’m so happy. The pandemic has made us all appreciate things more, the global mentality has shifted, but it is nice to be back in the office.

Last words to end with?

I would recommend Huboo to anyone; I think they’re the best in the business, and we’re grateful for you guys.

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