Posted on January 06, 2022
by Nick Pennington

Willie du Plessis: The Bald Brothers

Tell us a bit about the story behind The Bald Brothers?

Myself and Richardt are two brothers who were born in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. We have both suffered with hair loss for years, so we decided to write about our struggles in a blog. For obvious reasons, we called it ‘The Bald Brothers’, and started publishing in 2019:

We soon realised that we weren’t the only men who suffered emotional turmoil because of hair loss. Our blog started to become increasingly popular, with lots of readers getting in touch with their personal stories and challenges. Within two years, we released our own moisturiser called ‘The Bald Boss’, and the brand just kept growing from there.

What are the brand’s missions and goals?

You could say that our business model works two-fold. On the one hand, we have our popular content blog, and on the other is our bald men’s moisturiser brand, The Bald Boss. Our main aim is to help men overcome hair loss, start a grooming routine, and feel confident as bald men going forward. Honestly, our main aim is to help bald men live their best lives.

We actively encourage men to shave their heads when they start losing hair and embrace their baldness. Head shaving and grooming is one part of embracing being bald, and we encourage men to take it seriously. To some extent, we feel like we have accomplished our mission, as we are seeing more and more guys enjoy having a shaved head and being bald and proud. It’s amazing to see so many overcome hair loss and live better lives because they took the plunge, shaved their heads and overcame the emotional turmoil that is often associated with hair loss!

Had you ever heard of Huboo before joining?

I had only heard about Huboo whilst doing my own research online into fulfilment centres in the UK. I reached out to Beth and was immediately drawn to how organised, friendly and professional she was. Huboo suits our brand perfectly as we have lots of small items that need to shipped daily.  

What was your onboarding experience like, do you find the dashboard easy-to-use?

Our onboarding was really smooth and easy. Beth also showed me how to use the dashboard step-by-step, simplifying the whole process and familiarising me with the system. It’s so simple and is very user friendly, so I find it works superbly to support our business. Shipping our stock to Huboo was also simple, quick and effective. We were fulfilling orders in no time at all and haven’t experienced any issues.

What has outsourcing your fulfilment done for your business?

I have so much more more time to focus on marketing and sales now. These are the lifeblood of any start-up eCommerce store, so it’s so beneficial now having the time to be able to refine our marketing strategy and optimise our sales efforts. I’m also really happy to not have to do the logistics anymore, as this can be a real burden, especially for eCommerce businesses like ours. Most of our customers are based in the UK and USA, so it made complete sense having our fulfilment warehouses and operations in the UK.

I feel I have loads more time to focus on strategy too, taking a top down approach to running the business. With Huboo, all of our parcels are shipped out to our customers extremely quickly. This is something that helps to streamline our workload and take the pressure off, knowing that we can rely on Huboo’s excellent service. Fulfilling items is very important but it is also time-consuming, so having a professional company like Huboo take care of it all is just fantastic. The pricing is transparent and communication channels are amazing.  

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What does the future hold for the company?

There’s exciting times ahead for The Bald Brothers brand. We are planning on releasing two new products in 2022, adding a Face Scrub and a Bald Head Wash to our inventory. Future plans are to keep growing our customer base, add a subscription service and grow our brand to access scalp micro-pigmentation clinics around the UK in a retail capacity. We’re also committed to continuing to grow our Amazon UK and direct to consumer sales.

Any other thoughts you’d like to share?

Being a relatively new start-up, I know how time-consuming fulfilment and logistics can be. It can be a real headache for business owners like us, so it’s amazing to have a fulfilment partner like Huboo on board. I did the first 500 units myself, and spent many hours holding up others customers at the post office. Having Huboo take care of all this for me is just great, and like I say it really does give us more time to focus on growing the brand. I really recommend eCommerce brands in the FMCG sector to use Huboo.