Posted on July 19, 2021
by Huboo Fulfilment

Meet our Covid unsung heroes

Covid Test Kit Fulfilment

Since Huboo was founded in 2017, our fulfilment services have been diverse. We’ve fulfilled products ranging from Carlsberg limited-edition Champions Can to chickpea snacks, bespoke audio software, and now; Covid testing kits. As case numbers rocketed, back at our fulfilment centres, our dedicated logistics team took to fulfilling test kits by storm. After securing a specialised section of the warehouse committed to picking and packing thousands of testing kits, our team pulled together to go above and beyond in the fight against Covid 19.

We’ve always been proud of our meticulous picking and packing accuracy rate, and when we were really put to the test, our highly-skilled, keen-eyed team, were proven once again to excel. We know that quick and efficient testing is the key to the future, and so, the importance of a seamless logistics production has never been greater. Our teams continued efforts to work round the clock to meet the demand has meant office staff volunteering their time, late nights all round, and many a snack run to respond to the volume of orders.

100,000+ Test Kits Picked, Packed and Dispatched, and Rising!

Huboo is proud to work alongside Qured to fulfil thousands of test kits throughout the pandemic and would also like to take this chance to say a massive thank you to our team of unsung heroes.

Check out our video in partnership with Qured below.

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