Posted on March 24, 2022
by Anna Loveridge

Optimising the fulfilment process for Mother’s Day  

Retail spending for Mother’s Day in 2021 reached £1.34 Billion in the UK and $28 Billion in the US. These peaks in demand are common on notable days such as Mother’s Day, Easter, Christmas and other marketing events. Investing in the right software is essential for managing fulfilment and shipping during peak periods. For many retailers, increased demand can be stressful due to system fragmentation and a lack of infrastructure. 

Using Huboo removes the risk of delay between the moment the order is created on an online store or marketplace, and the order details being received by the warehouse. Our API Integrations ensure that this data transfer happens in real-time so orders can be picked, packed, and shipped in lightning speed. 

How can Huboo create a seamless experience for your customers this Mothers Day?

Next Day Delivery and Cost-Effective Delivery Options 

At Huboo, we have the capacity to help your business ride the waves of demand without the need for costly overheads associated with warehouse rental, warehouse staff, taxes, and the like. You can take advantage of the economy of scale; we have multiple delivery options available to cater for last-minute orders that require next day delivery.  

Personalised Packaging  

We understand that it’s the small things that count – like personalised handwritten notes, ribbons, and branded packaging. At Huboo, we go the extra mile to ensure that the customer experience is put first and our teams act as an extension of your brand. Just let us know your exact requirements and leave the rest up to us.  

High-Speed Integration Connections 

Our advanced API Integrations link our fulfilment solutions to multiple marketplaces and online stores so orders and stock can be managed from one platform. You’ll gain full transparency of the entire fulfilment process so you can track shipments and create the best customer experience. 

Are you a Health and Beauty retailer looking to automate and simplify your fulfilment order process? Head over to our dedicated 3PL fulfilment page to find out how you can optimise your fulfilment solution and manage higher volumes of product order sales.