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Plant’d Media: Specialist Marketing for Sustainable Brands

Posted on September 29, 2021
by Guest Author

5 years ago, I (Alex) started up a digital marketing agency aimed at growing small businesses using digital tools & online platforms. At this time, I was following a plant-based diet with a strong passion for environmentalism, and was keen about doing things in a way that would leave a positive impact on our planet.

A few years on, I decided that this wasn’t enough if I was hoping to make a real difference. That’s when Plant’d Media was born. We opted to entirely rebrand the company and focus our efforts solely upon vegan & sustainable brands – helping them to grow sustainably & effectively. By helping businesses not only grow, but also guiding them to make more sustainable choices – we’ve started to build a community of clients that all share a similar vision and passion.

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However, not every business we work with is where they wish to be yet. And that’s okay. It’s a learning process and we’re all still growing. But by working together, with similar-minded people. We’ve been able to share our experiences, and learn collectively. This as a result has made the entire journey more powerful, more meaningful, and most importantly – more enjoyable.

It’s no common knowledge that if something doesn’t drastically change in the coming years then one day we may not have a planet to exist on. So, to us – there’s no cause that is more vital to fight for. Not only do we operate our own business in a way which is sustainable – whether it be by being paper-free, cycling to meet clients, hosting the majority of our services virtually. We also work closely with brands that are making huge inroads in promoting sustainability in their own industries. From vegan chocolate bars, to recyclable packaging, running technology companies, to financial services.

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We have such a wide-variety of clients, some more obviously sustainable brands than others. But all of them chose to work with Plant’d Media because they want to do things better.

We haven’t created this business to form a sustainable-cult of companies with a superiority-complex, looking down on others who may still be pathing their way to environmentally-friendly practices. We created Plant’d to develop a space where businesses can continue to grow, whether they’ve just started their journey, or if they’ve been doing their thing for years. Everybody could be doing better when it comes to protecting our planet; and that’s what it’s all about.

A positive approach to running the businesses we love whilst being responsible for our actions, and considering the impact we could be making, and what better way to grow a business than utilising the digital tools that have kept this world connected, even despite the most drastic levels of adversity some of us have ever experienced?

Digital is the future. And we’re here to help.

Let’s grow green together.

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