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Weekly Review 30/04

Posted on April 30, 2021
by Emma Burgess
Huboo Blog - Weekly Review

As another week draws to a close and we take one step closer to being able to enjoy our favourite hospitality spots without a raincoat or umbrella, we dive into the world of logistics and eCommerce to find the top industry stories from this week.

Martin meets Business Leader

To kick things off, earlier this week Huboo’s very own Martin, spoke with Business Leader to share his expertise on why optimising your business’s fulfilment strategy can ensure eCommerce business success. There’s come a point where every business leader must decide to determine their fulfilment strategy to continue to scale their business and so, the ongoing debate on whether to insource or outsource has been a discussion contemplated by small and large businesses alike, let’s see what Martin had to say. 

“With eCommerce going from strength to strength and creating more opportunities for savvy retailers, it’s worth taking another look at the question of whether an insourced or outsourced fulfilment approach makes sense for your business.” 

“As your business starts to grow, the complexity of managing your fulfilment operation can quickly become all-consuming. There are insurmountable limits to how many orders your delivery people and pickers and packers can get through. This means you’ll soon find yourself doubling your team, creating shift patterns that then need managing along with the various financial and HR challenges that come with a bigger workforce.”

And finally, “You can run a successful eCommerce website from a beach in Barbados if you outsource your fulfilment. That’s one luxury you won’t get through in-sourcing.” Some food for thought… 

The race for warehouse space

Retail week have released data acquired by Savills identifying how the pandemic has supercharged the race to secure warehouse space. Figures indicate that more than 50.5 million sq. ft of new space was leased in 2020, 12 million more than the last record year which was 2016. 

It’s no surprise that Amazon snapped up 25% of new UK warehouse space, however, Savills also found short-term leases of five years or less accounted for 12% of all new warehouse space taken. The data also found that rent rates in the South West were the cheapest, where average pound-per-square-foot rents were just £4.67, compared with London’s pricing of £10.20. See the full facts and figures here

FedEx promise carbon neutral operations by 2040

In the spirit of furthering the push for a greener industry, FedEx has pledged to reach a carbon-neutral status within the next 20 years. The courier service plan to designate more than $2 billion of investment capital into the following key areas: vehicle electrification, sustainable energy, and carbon sequestration. Their promise stretches to; replacing the entire FedEx parcel pickup and delivery (PUD) fleet with zero-emission electric vehicles, investing in alternative fuels to reduce aircraft and vehicle emissions, and investing in facilities improvement to push carbon neutrality. 

As a fulfilment centre that tries to look after mother nature, we love to see leading courier services paving the way for a more sustainable industry. 

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