Posted on July 26, 2019
by Huboo Fulfilment

A Partnership With Real Appeal

For any Amazon seller, account suspensions are the worst nightmare. There are forums providing ecommerce tips and help for reinstatement, so it isn’t impossible for sellers to reinstate their status quickly by ensuring a persuasive Plan of Action is in place. But what should you do if your Plan of Action does not get accepted? Or worse, Amazon doesn’t respond to you?

How to get an Amazon account reinstated

Here we provide some ecommerce tips on how to get an Amazon Seller account reinstated. Firstly, you need a concise and persuasive Plan of Action. Your Appeal Letter is vital to getting you selling on Amazon again. Don’t re-appeal using the same letter as Amazon will stop responding and you may lose your ability to sell on the Amazon platform entirely.

Once an account is suspended, time starts to work against you, it becomes so important to hire a professional as soon as possible to start the appeal process. We have partnered with Appeal Guru Limited who specialise in suspended Amazon seller account appeals. They will help you resolve the problem as quickly as possible. They have the right tools to deliver the most effective plan that will ease your pain by taking away the hassle and stress. They are expert in ecommerce and at creating bespoke Amazon Appeal Letters, which have far greater chances of getting your account reinstated.

Due to their free repeat appeals and a 100% money back guarantee if they don’t get you reinstated, Appeal Guru is the best choice for getting your Amazon account successfully reinstated.  They will diagnose your account to figure out the account’s operational deficiencies, strategise on how to get reinstatement, and will determine the best solutions for your account to get reinstated, folding them into an effective Plan of Action accordingly.

Appeal partner

Appeal Guru will assess your Amazon seller account to identify the potential reasons for suspension by digging through your return reasons, buyer direct comments, and negative feedback or A-Z claims. They will give proactive solutions that demonstrate an awareness of what kinds of actions are required.

We have partnered with Appeal Guru as they have successfully examined suspended account appeals for several years. They help sellers write a solid Plan of Action to get reinstated. They know how to escalate stuck cases for quicker reinstatement, and provide a stress free service in an intensely stressful situation. Appeal Guru are available for some free advice on 020 3824 1889 / 07595600155.