Posted on March 17, 2022
by Nick Pennington

Partnership PowerUp: Findologic

This months PowerUp partner is Findologic. The Product Discovery Platform.

Driving conversions and fulfilling orders are two services that go hand in hand. With this in mind, we partnered with Findologic to bring their best-in-class service to our clients. Our partnership network aims to provide businesses with access to the necessary tools and services that can streamline their operations and unlock growth.

What do Findologic do?

“What people want is that Amazon-like experience. Where they want things quickly and they want to find things quickly…”

Findologic are a search and product discovery service, using a range of AI and mobile-first tools to fully integrate with the onsite search bar. This helps customers browse around your online store and find the products they need quickly and accurately before making a purchase.

Their unique AI-powered solution optimises your customer’s product search, to accurately identify their intent and suggest recommended products from their very first interaction, making their purchase experience quick and easy.

By optimising the onsite experience and deploying Findologic’s range of features retailers can streamline a shopper’s journey, improve CX and increase conversion rates. These include search, navigation, merchandising, mobile UX and personalisation.

While on-site optimisations are important, ensuring that you’re able to meet demands and fulfil your customer’s experience until the very end of their journey, is critical.

Product discovery is at the epicentre of a user’s path to purchase. Findologic’s comprehensive suite of features supercharges customer journeys, optimising every element of a browser’s pathway to conversion.

How can Findologic help your business?

After you have invested in SEO and run digital ad campaigns to get customers to your website, there is nothing worse than to be let down at the last hurdle. Frustrated customers who can’t find the item they were looking for, or those that find out it’s out of stock, can ultimately be costing your business.

Findologic’s solution helps supercharge eCommerce conversions by allowing retailers to direct their customers to not just the products they are looking for, but recommend best-selling SKUs with the highest inventory available, giving them more time to view additional products without losing the item they came for from their basket.

With A.I. at the platform’s core, Findologic connects shoppers with products that match their intent while relieving them of navigational burden, so that online stores can sit back and enjoy improved conversion, retention and AOV.

With Findologic’s software solution, navigating your product range has never been easier.

How to prioritise technology deployment:

From supply chains to checkout, selecting the right technologies to integrate within your eCommerce business can be a challenge; budgets, goals and existing technology can all create barriers and additional considerations.

As a headless technology, Findologic seamlessly integrates with your existing tech stack. To learn more, download their free guide: The Composable Commerce Blueprint – a report that advises on how to prioritise technologies, and streamline your sales efforts, including:

  • How to leverage APIs end-to-end and offer an unbeatable CX
  • The top three API technologies you should consider to optimise end-to-end operations
  • How to utilise these technologies as part of a connected tech stack

Mutual benefits:

At first glance, Huboo and our Power Up partner Findologic have little in common, coming in at completely different ends of the customer journey. However, both companies are headless, tech-driven and enable growth for eCommerce brands, working together to help optimise the customer experience from start to finish.

Establishing an ecosystem of partners who address challenges end-to-end, enables both vendors to connect retailers with the resources they need to ensure eCommerce success. By working together, Huboo and Findologic are able to:

  • Offer retailers new and innovative ways to power online customer experiences that drive sales and build long-term customer loyalty
  • Provide retailers with an intuitive and efficient backend that allows for full control and management of product discovery and fulfilment
  • Ultimately, deliver efficient and effective fulfilment operations

Working together:

Together, we can build long-term customer loyalty and ultimately deliver efficient, effective fulfilment.”

Huboo and Findologic will continue to work together, as part of a validated ecosystem of solutions. Both companies partner with some of the most popular marketplaces and payment solutions providers, giving clients freedom to build whatever system they want; benefiting from the way Huboo and Findologic work together as part of an integrated network.

Findologic works with Huboo to direct customers to products that are more accurately matched to their search preferences, and the availability of products on the online store.

In this strategic alliance, the two leading tech solutions will extend their reach in the eCommerce space, make informed recommendations to clients regarding 360-degree optimisations and add value as part of a wider ecosystem of partners.

A joint solution:

If you haven’t optimised your website so that shoppers can find things quickly, you potentially risk losing them…”

This joint solution can be extremely beneficial, especially for businesses that are achieving rapid growth, or have a large amount of inventory. Huboo’s tech-driven fulfilment service works alongside Findologic’s search engine function, giving customers ease of access when purchasing products online.

The solution that Findologic offers not only improves efficiencies and results for business owners, but it is a huge benefit for shoppers too; simplifying their product search journey and buying experience. The customer experience becomes much more straightforward and enjoyable, reducing the possibility of customers losing interest before they hit the checkout.

By integrating seamlessly with your sales channels, Findologic’s streamlined search function can boost your online presence and increase your chances of customer retention, by making online stores more accessible and navigable.

With Huboo’s warehouse management technology, stock management systems and Findologic’s product discovery capabilities, brands with complex industry needs can see their efficiencies improve, and their sales grow.

What’s to come?

Next week, we’ll be launching The PowerUp podcast, with special guest – Findologic’s Brian Graydon.

Brian and our very own Enterprise Sales Manager, Nolan Walker-Hurren, will be talking all things eCommerce, challenges and how search functionality can be implemented in the tech accessories market.

To find out more about Findologic’s search engine can supercharge your eCommerce business, then tune into Huboo’s PowerUp podcast next week.