Posted on July 28, 2022
by Nick Pennington

Partnership Power Up: Mollie

This month’s Power Up partner is Mollie, a pioneer in the payments industry.

“One of the things we are really aligned on is that small businesses, no matter how small they are, the business owner doesn’t care if the business is doing £1,000 a month, £100,000 a month or £1mn a month, its their business and its their baby and we are really here to help them grow

Jordan Owen, Mollie’s Country Manager (UK)

Not only do our company values align with our payment partner, their goals match what we’re trying doing here here too. At Huboo, we’re committed to enabling growth for a wide range of eCommerce clients, from various industries and from across the world. Likewise, Mollie’s unique payments solution can simplify the payment process for a diverse range of business, no matter the size or location.

Moreover, our expert eCommerce and fulfilment knowledge makes us stand out in the market. Similarly, what Mollie can offer when compared to their competitors specific localisation, whereby others “may not be capable of to the same depth that we can in local markets.’

Our scalable, flexible fulfilment model also aligns with Mollie’s willingness and ability to go the extra mile to support their clients and support their growth.

“As a company grows you really want to make sure we are scalable but investing heavily into account managers, sales engineers and making sure customers don’t have to do a lot of self service, but that we are really hand holding them along the way is super important.”

A recognition across the eCommerce market that payment systems can provide more support than simply being a utility is on the rise…

“What I’m seeing more and more in the payments space is that, particularly for these clients that are slightly larger, they are seeing payments less as a utility. It was very much seen as something that was necessary to run your business, and I think now what customers are realising, is that it is a real enabler of growth and to drive revenue and reduce costs, and that realisation is really important because it’s the truth.

I’m seeing that intelligence really enter the conversation much more, when talking about how they want their checkout to look and how Mollie can help achieve that.”

She continued to stress the importance of building trust with customers during the checkout process…

“you could be losing 5% of your customers at the checkout because it doesn’t look like your page has been tailored and personalised to your business”

For more information on Mollie’s services, and to learn more about this unique partnership, you can listen to our latest Power Up podcast. Tune into the latest episode, with special guest – Jordan Owen, Mollie’s Country Manager and Head of Sales (UK)!