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The importance of item specifics for seller success on eBay

Posted on February 03, 2021
by Huboo Fulfilment
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We’ve teamed up with Optiseller, the experts in marketplace data and optimisation tools to share some best practice tips to help you optimise you Ebay listings.

Optimising Item Specifics is key to success on eBay as they provide important information on the products you are selling, with attributes such as brand, size, type, colour, style, which help buyers to narrow down their choices using filters on search results.

“55% of eBay searches include an aspect/item specific or some level of filtering”

Source: eBay Connect 2020

eBay is constantly reviewing Item Specifics across its categories to help improve the customer experience and regularly mandates changes that sellers need to make in order to ensure that their listings are fully optimised for search. If you are not completing Item Specifics with the correct eBay values your listings will not be visible in search when filters are applied, costing you valuable sales. You will have no choice but to input these item specifics when you revise listings or relist.

It can be a time-consuming and frustrating process to complete these changes manually so the team at Optiseller have created Aspect Finder+, which is a tool that has been developed to take care of some of the workload for you. It is an automated tool that scans all of your listings to identify any important Item Specifics that are missing and recommends where possible the correct value that eBay will accept, saving you time and effort.

There are 4 different categories of Item Specifics that Aspect Finder+ reports on:

  1. Required Item Specifics: are those that eBay deem key to your sales success and must be populated. They are essential and without them you will not be able to list items in this category.
  2. Required Soon: are Item Specifics which are not yet deemed essential, but you should populate these fields ASAP as they will become required in the coming months.
  3. Recommended Item Specifics: are optional but provide more information to your buyers and are an indication that buyers frequently use them in their searches. Populating these values can enhance your search visibility across the eBay marketplace, leading to more views and increased sales.
  4. Additional: although not as highly searched as Recommended, these Item Specifics should be completed where possible to increase the visibility of your listings across the marketplace.

Both Recommended and Additional Item Specifics are ranked in the order of the most searched and Aspect Finder+ also includes a Buyer Demand Indicator which helps you prioritise and focus your efforts on the most commercially relevant Item Specifics first.

Users report an immediate increase in sales on listings with Item Specifics optimised through Aspect Finder and improving non-mandated Item Specifics will help you to gain visibility in search and increase views of all of your items.

‘Aspect Finder+ is a fantastic tool. The new items sold/quantity column is a fantastic addition, and we find the eBay category lookup tool particularly useful for populating our item specifics using Volo. In the first two months of using the tool we noticed that around 100 listings we optimised sold more in 8 weeks than in the 12 previous months.’ – DIY Car Service Parts

The next mandate deadline is the 22nd February 2021 for the following categories: Men’s & Women’s Fashion, Health & Beauty, Baby & Kids, Business, Office & Industrial, Home & Garden, Musical Instruments and Sporting Goods. Even if you don’t list in these categories it is still very worthwhile using Aspect Finder+ to optimise and complete as many items specifics on your listings as possible.

AspectFinder+ is free courtesy of eBay until 30th June 2021. Get started today here.