Posted on September 05, 2022
by Huboo eCommerce Fulfilment

Andrada Minculescu – Operational Trainer 

What is a typical working day at Huboo like for you? 

There is no such thing as a typical day at Huboo. My role is mainly focused on delivering training to new joiners and practicing with them in our training hub.

However, you can also find me organizing P&C initiatives, such as our Grub for the Hub programme or the Listening Sessions we offer. Additionally, I work on other projects, like translating site content and posting updates on our business software system ‘Hubble’. I also spend time in the warehouse assisting with on-site issues and explaining processes to future clients.   

What did you do before working at Huboo? 

I used to be the Training Coordinator in the Interpreting Department of a translation company, and an Associate Professor at a local University.  

What attracted you to working for Huboo? 

As one of the first ten employees at Huboo Spain, I’ve been part of the journey from the very beginning. The opportunity to be involved so early is what caught my attention the most as it suggested a new start with endless opportunities, which has not disappointed. 

Outside of work, what are your passions? 

Everyone who knows me would say my biggest passion is food. And they are right, I am a foodie.  

What skills do you need to be a great operational trainer? 

I think passion and patience are always key elements for training. You need to love what you’re doing, understand it very well and be able to pass on your knowledge to others. And there is always the element of fun!  

What’s your favourite movie and why? 

The Godfather is the masterpiece I´ll always love, but I would say my favourite movie is Interstellar. I could watch it a million times.  

What advice would you give someone who is considering working at Huboo? 

If you are ready for action, proactive, and willing to work in a young, amazing company with a wonderful environment, come join us!