Posted on July 28, 2022
by Nick Pennington

Meet Matthew Gustafson – Operational Trainer at Huboo Germany

What is a typical working day at Huboo like for you?

My workdays vary quite a bit. I have many duties I fulfil throughout our site. I am responsible for training and onboarding new employees, but I also assist in many admin duties, systems, and organizational work, as well as keeping up with projects from the learning & development department.

I’m never bored at work, and I always have something to do in the office or in the warehouse. I am a team member in international translations and communications, collaborating with most of our departments regularly, including tech, recruiting & talent acquisition, and knowledge management.

What did you do before working at Huboo?

I’ve done many odd jobs and have been working in stage work and fair construction, as well as in logistics for a time while studying on the side. My academic work brought me to pedagogy and the caretaking of kids and youths. I designed and fostered a music school for disadvantaged teens.

During my master’s study in sciences of high giftedness and competency training, I worked with start-ups in a venture incubator but was always drawn back to the romantics of a logistics warehouse. Before joining Huboo, I did Camera and Lighting tech work for German Television. After my studies, I wanted to go into workplace pedagogy and training, so that’s what I did.

What attracted you to working for Huboo?

I was looking for jobs, especially in start-ups and young companies. I was really intrigued by Huboo’s rapid growth trajectory and the opportunity to be with a company from the ground up, and in my favourite German city. However, what intrigued me the most about Huboo is the company culture. We take our values seriously and actively uphold our humancentric approach to HR, culture and working environments.

This is vastly different when compared to some other companies I’ve worked for, where company culture and values were merely window dressing. Our values and culture are competitive, and a brilliant strategy for the ever-changing labour market; something I’ve studied academically, but have never seen implemented thoughtfully before joining Huboo.

Outside of work, what are your passions?

My work is my main passion. Otherwise, when I can, I spend time with family and friends and my wonderful little son. I am also a great enthusiast for music of all kinds; I play electric bass, guitars, and synthesizers. When I have the time, I like to draw pictures and play table tennis with my friends.

What do you need to be a great Operational Trainer?

If you’re working in training and education, it is important to be able to learn new things and adapt your skill set continuously. You should be aware of the way you learn and how your own cognition works, as well as having a broad toolset of soft skills to accompany your lecturing style.

The most beneficial traits you can have, are an open mind and curiosity. I am interested in everything that’s happening with the company, so that helps me to invest my time and focus into this venture. As a trainer, I am expected to know many things about our business, so I stay active and informed.

What’s your favourite movie and why?

I am having difficulty deciding between Blade Runner 2049 and Dune part one. Those are the two movies that I’ve seen and re-watched most recently. Blade Runner has been my favourite movie for a long time, and the new one totally blew me away! I’m a big fan of Sci-Fi and abstract philosophy, so I really like the themes explored in the movie and all the subtle details and depth the film offers.

I also liked the dream-like, cerebral, slow pace of the movie. Dune, on the other hand, is more compact and has better pacing. I am a huge admirer of desert aesthetics, so this is a film I’ll have running from time to time. The visuals are just plain fantastic, and the soundtrack is amazing as well!