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Huboo proudly stands, rising and shining more than ever in the heart of the city of future technology and innovation, Eindhoven. Our team are ready to help online businesses grow.

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Reliable and personalized fulfilment

We have been successful in the United Kingdom since 2017 and the Dutch market also appreciates our unique hub model. With our happy clients, we work with specific teams per customer, so that both suppliers and their ultimate customers are personally assisted. In other words, we provide reliable, affordable, and personalized fulfilment for our customers.

“We are proud of our 3,200 sqm warehouse in the Eindhoven region, the heart of Netherlands, operating successfully by fulfilling orders in various markets for more than a year. It is Europe’s 5th largest eCommerce market, with an expected 34.18bn Euro online sales revenue in 2022.

This provides our clients with access to the buoyant Dutch market acting as a gateway to Benelux and Nordic markets. Our achievements in terms of development and other factors we have seen over the last year are – an immense leap as a business and amazing growth in revenue. We as a fulfilment centre are expanding our focus on certain verticals like medical supplements and crypto-related merchandise. Since the beginning of the pandemic, there was a raise in demand for these products. These verticals are significantly rewarding since they are relatively small products with a high turnover rate.

The Netherlands is a particularly attractive market for online clothing retailers, tech and gadget sellers, and homeware merchants.,”

say Berat Aydin and Oscar Heijnen, Business Development Managers at Huboo.”

The fact that Huboo is part of the top 21 Best Places to Work in Europe shows that not only numbers are important, but that how employees experience their work is also important.

“We will create 250 new jobs to cater to hundreds of eCommerce clients and this is one of our largest territories in Europe to date. With a remarkable growth percentage, we proudly onboarded 780+ people in 27+ nationalities working together offering a culturally diverse working office atmosphere”,

says Maikael Beving, Talent acquisition manager at Huboo.

Our employees have the best of the benefits that include top-class office infrastructure, employee well-being schemes, training programs for constant upgradation, and career progression options. Read about Ariadni Zotou, talent acquisition coordinator for Huboo Netherlands, and contact her to join our team.

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