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eCommerce Strategy

Is it worth opening an eCommerce store in 2024?

Is the eCommerce market reaching saturation or are there still opportunities for success?

Which eCommerce marketplaces are trending?

Choosing the right eCommerce marketplace is essential for a successful sales strategy.

The Best eCommerce Platforms

Starting an online store? Choosing the right platform is crucial, but how do you cut through the jargon and find the right solution for you?

Everything you need to know about Stock keeping units (SKUs)

SKUs play an important part in stock traceability, but what are they and how do you make the most of using them?

Top 5 pay later solutions

How BNPL can help increase your Average Order Value (AOV) and more.

Forecasting Seasonal Demand

Understanding this relationship between weather and sales can give you valuable insights.

How to Turn Your Side Hustle into Your Main Source of Income

Your free time might be the opportunity to further your passion.

How Fulfilment Can Reduce Your Energy Bills

With energy prices on the rise and the cost of living steadily increasing, fulfilment can help you improve your margins.

Fragile goods fulfilment – Top 5 steps to pack them safely

It has become peremptory to fulfil your orders safely to your customers, without any damages.

How eCommerce retailers can combat falling consumer spending

With reality starting to bite, what can online retailers – from global brands through to side hustlers – do to plug the sales gap?

A strategic approach to delivery

Dispelling the ‘free and fast’ myth is the first step to a smarter strategy.

Five Ways to Boost Your eCommerce Business

Even the very best eCommerce businesses that expand to dizzy heights, will need a moment to pause and reflect on how they can boost sales and gain further traction.

Retail lessons for 2023: What we can learn from a turbulent year in eCommerce

Huboo eCommerce experts Mark Elward and Peter Edgar explore how recent industry developments will likely shape the future of retail.

Some of the best AI tools to grow your eCommerce business

There are several tools available for eCommerce sellers that can help maximise sales, retain customers, and add value to their services to help them grow.

What are the best-selling products on Amazon?

Want to explore the best-selling categories on Amazon, providing insights into revenue potential, competition, supply, and demand?

How to calculate your reorder period

Want to reduce stockouts, storage AND freight shipping fees? Here are some calculations to help you do just that.

What is…

What is a backorder?

Backorder, pre-order, out of stock. How to make sure you aren’t missing out on revenue from stock outs. 

What is Order Fulfilment?

eCommerce Order Fulfilment means every step between an order being placed by the customer and its successful delivery.

What is Returns Management?

Offering returns increases customers likelihood to order but can also be a costly and complex challenge for eCommerce merchants.

What is Pick and Pack?

Pick and Pack is one of the most important steps of the order fulfilment process. We’ll explain in detail what is Pick and Pack.

What is a SKU?

Everything you need to know about Stock keeping units (SKUs)

What is AOV (and strategies to increase it)?

Increasing the value of each order can be an effective way to increase profit per order.

What is dead stock?

What is it, what causes it, why does it matter and what to do about it. Don’t let dead stock become a problem for your business.

Dropshipping: the good, the bad, the ugly (and alternatives)

We’re here to provide you with all the information you need to know about this trendy business model, including its benefits, drawbacks, and potential pitfalls.
Our eCommerce articles

eCommerce Calendar 2024

When is Black Friday 2024 (and how to prepare your business)

Over the last 5 years, we have seen retailers implement a number of different strategies in order to maximise the impact of Black Friday on their sales.

Father’s Day marketing ideas for your eCommerce business

Father’s Day can be a great opportunity but at the same time it’s a sensitive time, so it is important to choose your marketing message wisely.

eCommerce calendar 2024

Discover the major events in 2024 that can boost your eCommerce sales.

When is Amazon Prime Day 2024?

How to take advantage of Prime day as a customer and as a merchant.

International eCommerce

Worldwide eCommerce Growth rates

The latest insights on eCommerce performance in major markets from reliable sources.

DDP vs. DDU: Understanding International Shipping Costs and Responsibilities

Unlock potential with international shipping with Huboo and reach customers all over the world from one central fulfilment centre.

How to comply with the German VerpackG Packaging Act

To be successful in the German market, sellers must be aware of the regulatory requirements that exist when shipping to and from Germany.

Intro to International VAT: What to know before expanding cross-border

Europe offers some of the biggest e-Commerce markets in the world and branching out could easily more than double, if not triple your customer base.

What eCommerce sellers need to know about EU VAT reform come July 1st

From July 1st 2021, EU VAT regulations for sales and marketplaces are changing. These alterations will significantly impact sellers based outside of the EU.

How will the New Australia-UK free trade agreement help Australian businesses in the UK?

On December 2021, The Department for International Trade (DIT) negotiated a free trade agreement (FTA) between the United Kingdom and Australia. It entered into force on 31 May 2023.

New post-Brexit customs rules: what they mean for eCommerce businesses

What impact will the new rules have on EU products arriving in Britain?

eCommerce Partnerships & Integrations

Huboo has teamed up with industry-leading partners to fortify your eCommerce operations. Our diverse network offers you access to top eCommerce platforms, inventory and order management solutions, returns management platforms, and freight and shipping solutions. Plus, gain an edge with our partners specialising in eCommerce marketing, CRM, and customer support.
eCommerce Partnerships & Integrations
eCommerce Trends, industry growth data and more

Our eCommerce Guides

The state of eCommerce 2023

eCommerce leaders face difficult decisions in the months ahead. Our report highlights the key lessons to be learnt from 2022, a challenging year for retail, and shines a light on promising trends for a prosperous 2023.

Huboo Guide to eCommerce in the UK (2022)

Explore Huboo’s in-depth guide to the UK retail landscape. This guide is ideal for retailers looking to understand post-brexit regulations and how best to sell to the UK market.

Huboo Guide to eCommerce in Germany (2022)

Germany is a key hub for eCommerce fulfilment across Europe. This report details the many benefits Germany has for global sales and how your business can take full advantage of them.

Huboo Guide to eCommerce in Spain (2022)

With Madrid in our fulfilment network, Huboo has amassed extensive knowledge of how Spanish sales can benefit UK retailers. Read our insights into Spanish eCommerce now.

Huboo Guide to eCommerce in The Netherlands (2022)

The Netherlands is a prime location for online retailers looking to take their sales into Europe. Huboo offers insights into the Dutch marketplace and how UK retailers can take advantage of this opportunities it offers.

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