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Are you looking for reliable data sources in eCommerce? Uncover the latest insights on eCommerce performance in major markets like the UK and the European Union. Explore updated figures and analysis from eCommerce associations and official government statistics.


  • -0.4%
    YoY revenue in December 2023 (1)
  • +14.2% YoY
    Health & beauty online sales in Dec 2023 (1)
  • -2.8% YoY
    Total retail sales fell for the 2nd consecutive year (2)

Want to check your performance against the UK eCommerce market? Check out these two key data sources:

* IMRG – The UK eCommerce Association: dive into informative newsletters and insightful webinars packed with statistics and benchmarks. Keep pace with the dynamic UK eCommerce market checking the market performance week by week.

* ONS – Office for National Statistics: access official UK government reports tracking eCommerce growth alongside traditional retail sales. Understand the broader retail landscape and how your online business fits within it. There are monthly reports about retail & online sales like this from December 2023.

1 Source: IMGR

2 Source: ONS


  • -11.8%
    Goods sales comparing 2023 and 2022
  • 79.7 billion €
    Gross turnover in 2023 after having peaked in 2022 with 90.4 billion
  • 2 % expected growth
    Predicted for 2024

BEVH stands for Bundesverband E-Commerce & Versandhandel Deutschland e.V., which translates to “German eCommerce and Distance Selling Association”. They offer reliable data on the German eCommerce market, covering over 75% of the B2C industry.

2023 data from BEVH shows gross sales of goods fell by 11.8 per cent compared to 2022.

Full article:


  • -2%
    online spending on products comparing Q3 2023 and Q3 2022

Twiswinkel is an eCommerce association in the Netherlands, representing over 2,000 online retailers.

Q3 2023 data from Thuiswinkel shows:

⇒ Overall spending in Q3 2023 is 4% higher than in Q2 2022.
⇒ However, online spending on products is decreasing slightly (-2%) comparing Q3 2023 with Q3 2022.

Full article:


  • 15,5% YoY
    Growth of eCommerce sales since 2021 (1)
  • €18.190 billion
    Revenue in the second quarter of 2022 (1)
  • 33,1%
    Turnover increase YoY in second quarter of 2022 (1)
  • 93,2%
    of purchases from Spain to abroad are made within the European Union (1)
  • €6.34 trillion
    eCommerce revenues will grow 64,69% between 2023 and 2027 (2)

Check out these key data sources:

* Estimación de crecimiento eCommerce: Predicting specific outcomes for eCommerce in Spain in 2024 can be speculative, but based on current trends and projections, we can expect several developments:

⇒ Continued Growth
⇒ Mobile Commerce Expansion
⇒ Omnichannel Integration
⇒ Expansion of Cross-Border eCommerce
⇒ Advancements in Technology
⇒ Regulatory Changes

* Índice de comercio al por menor: Businesses will increasingly invest in technologies to enhance personalization and improve the overall customer experience.

1 Source: Comisión Nacional de los Mercados y la Competencia (CNMC)

2 Source: Silicon


  • +13.8%
    increase in sales in 2022 over 2021
  • -7%
    drop in product sales – 2022 X 2021

We can find reliable data from France on the Fédération du e-commerce et de la vente à distance (FEVAD) website.

France remains Europe’s second-largest e-commerce market, behind the UK with €150 billion in revenues in 2022, a 13.8% increase over 2021. However, the product sales dropped 7%.

More info here.

You can find more data about eCommerce growth in the National eCommerce Associations websites:


Associação Economia Digital

Language: Portuguese
English version: no



Language: Spanish
English version: no


Austrian Retail Association – Handelsverband Österreich

Language: German
English version: yes

Czech Republic

Asociace pro elektronickou komerci (APEK – Association of E-commerce in Czech Republic)

Language: Czech
English version: yes


Asociația Română a Magazinelor Online (ARMO)

Language: Romanian
English version: no


Becom – Belgische e-business federatie

Languages: French and Dutch
English version: no


Bulgarian E-commerce Association

Language: Bulgarian
English version: no


Danish Chamber of Commerce

Language: Danish
English version: no


Digital Business Ireland

Language: English


Chamber of Digital Economy

Language: Polish
English version: no


Eesti E-kaubanduse Liit

Language: Estonian, Russian and English
English version: yes


Kaupan Liitto – Finnish Commerce Federation

Language: Finnish, Swedish and English
English version: yes



Language: Greek
English version: no


Language: German and French
English version: no

Netcomm Suisse eCommerce Association

Language: English


Consorzio Netcomm

Language: Italian
English version: no


Svensk Handel – Swedish Ecommerce

Language: Swedish
English version: yes


Virke Ehandel

Language: Norwegian
English version: no


NORA Network – National Online Retail Association

Language: English


International Trade Administration

Language: English

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