Our eBay Fulfilment Integration

Imagine scaling your eBay business effortlessly, freeing up your time to focus on what matters most – growing your brand and winning customers. Huboo’s flexible eBay fulfilment solution scales with your needs, ensuring you’re always ready for the next level.

Deliver exceptional customer experiences with fast, reliable shipping and accurate eBay order fulfilment.

eBay is one of the largest online marketplaces in the world, with a presence in more than 190 countries. The platform allows individuals and businesses to buy and sell a wide range of products. Whether you are looking to sell new or used products, establish an online store, or reach a global audience, eBay can offer a platform to help you grow your business and achieve your e-commerce goals.

As a seller on eBay, you can list your products for sale, set your own prices, and manage your orders directly through the platform. eBay offers a range of features and tools to help sellers optimize their listings, reach a wider audience, and provide a great shopping experience for their customers.

Verified picking accuracy rate.
Highest rated eCommerce fulfilment provider.
Ein Comic-Truck, der mit verschiedenen Formen befüllt wird, die die Produktvielfalt beschrieben sollen, die mit Huboo abgebildet werden kann. 15,000,000+
Products shipped in the last 12 months.
Eine Treppe mit schemenhaft dargestellten Pflanzen, die das Wachstum durch das Huboo Fulfillment darstellen soll. 1,200+
Clients trust Huboo, and growing fast.

What is eBay fulfilment?

  • 134 million
    Active buyers across the globe
  • 62%
    of transactions are international

Unlike traditional ecommerce marketplaces, eBay is known for refurbished, and pre-owned items in additional to a wide range of new items, which makes it a popular choice for electronics and small electrical items as well as antiques and collectables.

These items are not always suited to traditional 3PL fulfilment and storage however, Huboo’s unique hub model is flexible and can be adapted to these products easily with micro-warehouses within the larger spaces being customised to the size and number of SKUs of each client. With a dedicated Hub Manager assigned to each Hub to increase their ownership of the account and ensure products are packaged with care to the sellers specification.

How Huboo works

How eBay Order Fulfilment Works

1. Sign Up

Simply fill in some details about you, your business and your eCommerce Fulfilment needs.

2. Set up your dashboard

Connect your eBay store in a matter of minutes directly from the dashboard and automatically pull your product listings into the platform and help us match the listings to the inventory in our warehouses.

3. Ship your products

You can do this yourself or have your manufacturer send to us directly. You can choose to send your products ready to post, or let us do the packing for you. We’ll let you know once your goods have arrived!

4. Customer orders

Customers order your products, and we take care of the picking, packing and posting. Sorted!

5. Keeping you up to date

Your Huboo dashboard allows you to track your inbound goods, monitor stock levels and sales in real-time. We will update your eBay stores inventory and tracking for each order we dispatch.

6. Billing

You’ll see your daily costs and volumes on your dashboard so there will be no nasty surprises or unexpected fees. eCommerce fulfilment sorted!

Why Choose Huboo for eBay Fulfilment


After all the work you put into optimising your listings and generating an order, the last thing you need it for the wrong items to be shipped. Huboo has a verified  99.9% picking accuracy rate, powered by our dedicated warehouse teams and the custom-built technology that goes into our perfect picking devices.

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eBay is one of our most popular integrations, with 30% of all sellers fulfilling orders with Huboo, trusting us with their orders from this channel.

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Multi-Store Fulfilment

Connect multiple ebay stores to our dashboard, as well as any other sales channels for a consistent fulfilment process and single source of truth.

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Benefit from our discounted shipping rates from couriers such as Royal Mail, Evri and Fedex, and avoid unexpected bills with our transparent pricing, and real time cost breakdown as part of our dashboard.

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Our eBay integration is self-service. That means greater control for you and no need for tech teams, speeding up the onboarding process so you can start benefiting from award winning fulfilment services.

Not only this but in addition to order information being pulled into our system we also have:

⇒ Product sync – Automatically create product listings in your Huboo dashboard from listings that already exist in your eBay store, to ensure we are accurately matching the products ordered with the products in our warehouse.

⇒ Inventory sync – Automatically update the inventory available on your eBay store with that is available in our warehouse.

⇒ Dispatch – Our technology will update your eBay store to show the order has been fulfilled and the tracking information is available for the end customer.

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Add new products, sales channels, packaging and bundles with ease. Our Hubs are infinitely scalable, growing with your business. Looking to expand into new territories? Fufill from any of our other locations in Spain, Germany or the Netherlands for a consistent customer experience across the globe.

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  • By GMV, the top product categories on eBay in the UK in 2023 are:
    ⇒ Motors parts and accessories



    ⇒Home and garden


  • ⇒ Mobile phones & accessories

    ⇒ Video Games and Consoles

    ⇒ Health and Beauty products

    ⇒ Home and Garden

    ⇒ Computers and tablets

    ⇒ New & Pre-owned fashion

  • To make sure buyers don’t think your products are a scam, making sure you dispatch quickly and upload thorough product listings is essential.

    If consumers are left waiting for their goods for too long, it can erode trust and result in negative feedback on the platform or even cancelled transactions. All orders placed before 2pm will be dispatched same day. Any orders placed after this will be dispatched the following day.

  • Same day dispatch and well packaged items can improve customer feedback for items sold on eBay. This in tern improves your stores metrics on the site and can increase sales.

  • No, eBay is available in 190 countries worldwide. Fulfilling goods from the Huboo fulfilment centres in Germany, the Netherlands or Spain will reduce the cost and delivery times of orders placed domestically and to the rest of Europe. Germany currently makes up 16% of eBay’s total business and is the 3rd largest market following the US and UK with 18 million active buyers.

What our customers say

Since using Huboo for our eCommerce fulfilment in 2019 we’ve scaled our eBay store at an amazing rate, so much so that we won the 2023 eBay Business Growth Award. Huboo’s speedy dispatch of our vintage items helps us retain a loyal and growing fan base and takes away all the hassle of managing and fulfilling orders. We simply would not have been able to grow and scale to such heights by keeping this part of the process in-house.
Amy Weaver eCommerce Manager
Since we have launched with Huboo, sales have grown and grown. We have received amazing reviews on how quick the products have arrived and in perfect condition.
Verity Kimber Brand Manager
They made the process of getting set up very easy, their software could link into our website making everything seamless, I liked the ‘hub’ system which means the same people work on our hub regularly so they get to know the products and how we want them packed.
Ben May Managing Director
Working with Huboo to fulfil my eBay orders is easy. I list my items on eBay as usual and the Huboo software magically locates them. I simply link each product via my Huboo Dashboard using Huboo’s eBay connector and it’s ready to go. When the eBay orders come in I can trust the Huboo Hub Manager to carefully and expertly pack and dispatch each product to my customers – on time, every time. Customers often feed back how carefully packed my products are. Keep up the great work team Huboo.
Adam Billiald Director

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