Our Provenance Partnership

Validate and amplify your sustainability claims with Provenance’s clickable sustainability badges.

Provenance is a platform that validates and amplifies sustainability credentials for consumer packaged goods, empowering customers to cut through the greenwash and make sustainable choices with confidence. Provenance’s platform enables businesses to be transparent about their impact from discovery to checkout, realise their sustainability ambitions and future-proof their market share.


By embedding Provenance’s clickable sustainability badges (e.g. B Corp, Independently Owned Businesses or Recyclable Packaging) on product pages, you can communicate your sustainability progress in a way that customers love.

Provenance’s Proof Point technology enables you to track exactly how your customers are interacting with these initiatives, to better understand what they care about most.

4 Reasons Your Business Should Use Provenance

Its easy to say you are a sustainable business and make claims about what you do, but having a way to validate these claims is just as important. Here are 4 benefits sustainable eCommerce businesses can gain by using Provenance:

Improve Brand Trust and Perception

Have confidence that your messaging is credible and backed by the relevant evidence

Make sure your efforts align with evolving industry standards and regulation. Each Proof Point comes from the Provenance Framework, an index of 125+ social and environmental impact claims and certifications. We continuously update the Framework in line with evolving ESG terminology and compliance standards, under guidance from our Integrity Council: an independent body of field experts who keep us accountable to our mission.

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Increase conversion by up to 35%

Your hard-earned sustainability credentials are getting lost in product description copy. Embed simple, trustworthy impact badges on product pages that nudge shoppers to buy in line with their values.

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Reduce the risk of greenwashing

Brands that make misleading environmental claims face costly lawsuits and reputational damage. Reduce the risk of greenwashing by publishing compliant, product-level sustainability claims with Provenance.

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Get in front of more eco-conscious customers

Get discovered by more values-led shoppers by appearing in our retail partners’ sustainable search filters and edits. Plus, drive awareness of your positive impact with a brand profile on our shopper directory.

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Better together:
Provenance x Huboo unveil partnership

Huboo takes care of order fulfilment for a number of B Corp, organic and sustainable eCommerce businesses. Working with them to reduce waste, unnecessary packaging, and access sustainable delivery options, so that it is easier than ever for consumers to shop responsibly.

We are pleased to unveil our partnership with Huboo, united by our shared belief in harnessing ecommerce as a force for good. Together, we aim to propel the ecommerce industry towards greater transparency, sustainability, and positive change.

Jessi Baker

Founder and CEO

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