Our Valeur Partnership

Wow your customers with outsourced Customer Service from the experts.

Good customer service is about meeting customers where they are and when they are there, with exceptional service.

Valeur have over 20 years of experience and  know exactly what you need to do to satisfy your customers and outperform your competitors. With experienced team, customer service platform, and advanced AI chatbot, they can handle everything for you, from a fully outsourced solution to supporting you to establish your own leading customer service function.

Are you selling internationally? No problem! Valeur speak the major European languages and have a starter package: LocalizePro. They’ll go through your local presence point by point and ensure you have the right marketing texts, payment solutions, and shipping arrangements.

5 Reasons Your Business Should Use Valeur

A Strategic partnership

Valeur don’t just function as your customer support service, they work to establish your brand in the market with your customers. They constantly look out for new trends in the market and aim to upscale your sale through the contact and experience we receive with your company and customers. You will get all of their  ‘best in class’ knowledge, gathered from working across multiple small, medium and large e-commerce companies through many years.

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Multiple Language Customer Service

Valeur have a large team, speaking all major European languages to support your customers in their native tongue. Helping to build trust and answer queries quickly. 

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Localisation Assistance with LocalizePro

Get set up to sell in new markets with LocalizePro. Valeur will go through your local presence point by point and ensure you have the right marketing texts, payment solutions, and shipping arrangements in place.

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Every Communication Channel Covered

Phone, email, live chat, social media, marketplaces etc. Valeur will work as your fully or an extended customer service in your support systems and you will keep full control and ownership of data and platforms.

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Shared Economy

Working with many customers with different peak periods, Valeur can run a large, efficient organization and handle high pressure. You get all the benefits yourself but share the costs with others.

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Better together:
Valeur x Huboo unveil partnership

Huboo takes care of order fulfilment for over 1,200 eCommerce merchants selling across multiple markets and sales channels to ensure they dispatch and ship orders quickly and efficiently, so they arrive with customers before they have time to ask “Where is my order?”

In our international expeditions, we are delighted to have Huboo as a partner, enabling us to consistently ensure that our customers expand further and faster through attractive solutions. Together, we can create opportunities and open doors to new markets.

Klaus Valeur Leffers


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