Why Huboo is the best choice for QVC order fulfilment

As a widely recognised brand name in home shopping, QVC has become a go-to platform for eCommerce businesses looking to increase their sales.

At Huboo, we offer a range of integrations for online stores, marketplaces and shopping platforms.

One of the most popular sales platforms that our customers use is QVC, and it’s not hard to see why. QVC is the world’s largest television-based shopping retailer. This platform dispatches orders to millions of customers annually. As a widely recognised brand name in home shopping, QVC has become a go-to platform for eCommerce businesses looking to increase their sales.

Huboo is one of the few fulfilment companies that provide direct dispatch for clients who sell via QVC. Whether you’re currently selling, or planning to sell via QVC, check out below a few key areas that Huboo’s system can manage for you.

Managing dispatch notes

Huboo can receive electronic copies of QVC dispatch notes and these can be printed for clients on the hub. This a process all overseen and managed by our hub managers, who are familiar with the specific needs of the individual accounts they manage.

We also developed a bespoke technology to guarantee the correct dispatch notes are scanned and incorporated into the right customer order(s).

Importing orders

Our system can ingest QVC orders via a CSV upload. Alternatively, clients can upload orders automatically by connecting to the Huboo Client Open API. Our unique client dashboard boasts a range of features ideal for keeping track of every step of the fulfilment process, from picking and packing to delivery.

QVC stock is kept separate

We keep our clients’ QVC stock separate from other items. Thanks to our unique hub-model, the inventory can be ‘ring-fenced’: your QVC stock will be kept on a separate Huboo account and your orders will be processed on a completely separate hub.

Fast delivery from Huboo

QVC guidelines state that orders should be dispatched within 5 working days of an order being placed.

Huboo is actually an excellent choice for QVC sellers, as we dispatch orders on the same day they’re made.

Grow your QVC store with Huboo

Huboo is the ideal 3PL to support your integration goals, whether you’re planning to soon use the QVC platform, or are actively using the platform and want to grow your business.

Get in touch with our experts now to further discuss integration or get a unique quote for your business.

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