Key eCommerce Dates in 2024

Black Friday? Cyber Monday? Prime Day? Valentines? Discover the major events in 2024 that can boost your eCommerce sales and stay ahead of the competition.



Valentines Day

On 14th February we see Valentines Day. Popular gifts include health & beauty products, flowers, chocolates, and alcohol.

Singles Day

There are now two Singles Days in the calendar; 15th February and 11th November (11.11), the latter being the more widely-known day as it is has been a mainstay in China over the past few years. Singles Day sees single people treat themselves and other single people to gifts as a way of cheering themselves up for not being in a relationship. There is after all always a reason to treat yourself!

London Fashion Week

Starting on 16th February London Fashion Week brings top designers to London to showcase their latest creations. Often at the premium end of fashion, the week influences and encourages people to update their wardrobes, however it’s not only the premium brands that see a spike in sales. Affordable fast fashion brands have proved to have ridden this wave too by releasing designs similar to those showcased at London Fashion Week, providing an accessible route to the latest style.

Love your Pet Day

It’s not only humans sharing the love. On 20th February it’s the official day to show your best furry friend some love and appreciation. Normally this comes in the form of affection but with plenty of new pet toys, accessories and even healthy eating plans for pets hitting the market, people are turning to gifts to really spoil their pets on Love your Pet Day. There is also an International Pet Day on 11th April.

Pancake Day

A UK tradition that falls on the day (13th February) before Lent begins, and its origins are related to the need to use flour, sugar and eggs that couldn’t be used the next 40 days. Today, there are easier ways to celebrate Pancake Day (eating delicious pancakes, of course). And there are many opportunities for online food sellers: pancake kits, pancake mix, pancake pans, sauces, jams and the classic Nutella.


World Book Day

Moving into March, 2nd March brings us World Book Day (UK) with a further World Book Day (US) on 23rd April. From New York Times bestsellers to children’s books, the literacy world shows it’s appreciation to authors on this day, which usually experiences an increase in book ordering and sharing on social media.

St. Patricks Day

The world turns green on 17th March as we celebrate St. Patricks day. Plenty of Guinness and other alcoholic beverages are likely to be consumed so you don’t need the luck of the Irish to see increased sales if you’re an alcohol retailer.

Mothers Day

A date that no son or daughter should forget! Mothers Day is celebrated on 10th March (UK). Popular gifts for Mothers Day can vary due to taste and hobbies, but the usual flowers, cosmetics, and fashion are consistent.


While its religious meaning remains central for many, Easter has also become a time for different traditions worldwide. From egg painting to egg hunting, there are hundreds of opportunities for eCommerce businesses to offer themed products.


Mental Health Awareness Month

May is International Mental Health Awareness where we pay particular focus to mental wellbeing and the things that can help influence state of mind. Wellness products such as vitamins and supplements especially organic ones, along with exercise and sporting goods are naturally linked to improving mental health so an increase in sales for these product lines are expected.

National Wine Day

An event that isn’t quite so linked to improving mental health is National Wine Day on 25th May. Whether you are a keen sommelier or just fancy a glass or two at the end of a day, National Wine Day celebrates one of the oldest drinks on Earth. From fruity reds to bubbly whites it’s surely an occasion to look forward to, just don’t overdo it!


Fathers Day

Raising a toast to the old man on 16th June, traditional gifts for Fathers Day include DIY tools, beer, and BBQ equipment given the time of year. Marketplaces will be featuring these goods and more in the lead up to Fathers Day so make sure to optimise your relevant listings accordingly.


Prime Day

We don’t have the official details yes, but we expect 2 days of Amazon Prime Day in July.


International Beer Day

Well if we’ve got a wine day then we need to have a beer day right? International Beer Day is on 4th August and is a chance to celebrate all types of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beers, lagers, stouts, and bitters.



Originally started in Germany but increasingly being adopted by other countries, Oktoberfest is a traditional event that runs all the way through October. During this time expect to see an increase in alcohol and food sales!


Trick or treat? Consumers will be looking to get frighteningly good deals on spooky costumes, sweet treats, and decorations on 31st Oct. eCommerce sellers shouldn’t be scared however, this could be a great opportunity to optimise your product discovery to get your Halloween-inspired products to the very top of your listings.



A noble charitable cause that starts in November sees people grow moustaches to raise money. Whilst sales of razors, trimmers, and shavers might drop down during this period, grooming products for beards and moustaches might see an increase in search volume to keep those nose neighbours looking pristine!

Black Friday

The first of which is Black Friday which is the day after Thanksgiving. With giftcards and money exchanged on Thanksgiving, Black Friday spun out of this as people used this bonus money to spend on goods. That’s why Black Friday (29th November) is always the day after Thanksgiving, however retailers have recently been elongating Black Friday to cover the weeks leading up to it too, so there are plenty of opportunities for consumers to get relative bargains on marketplaces and online stores, plus in store as well.


Cyber Monday

A fast follower to Black Friday is Cyber Monday which falls on 2nd December. Those that missed out on Black Friday deals can still find online offers on products, and online retailers should be keen to ensure their inventory levels can meet the increased demand from consumers over this busy buying period.

Key dates for eCommerce sellers

So there you have it, a busy year is in store for retailers both online and offline. Being prepared for these peaks in demand is vital to maximise sales, ensure return business and grow revenue. Outsourcing your order fulfilment is one way to stay ahead of the game and get set for success this year.

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