What is Order Fulfilment?

Simply put, eCommerce Order Fulfilment (spelt fulfillment in the US and central Europe) means every step between an order being placed by the customer until its successful delivery.

The order fulfilment process usually includes:

⇒ receiving and storing the products (usually in a warehouse)

⇒ when customer orders, pick and pack the selected products

⇒ labelling the order for shipment

⇒ shipping the package with a carrier

⇒ managing returns and protection

Great! So now we know what the order fulfilment process looks like, we can get round to looking at how we can improve that fulfilment process.

How can outsourced Order Fulfilment improve your business growth?

Are you focused on growth, but the fulfilment tasks are taking too much time? Or is your backlog of unfulfilled orders growing? Do you have order fulfilment peaks or seasonality? You can optimise your order fulfilment by outsourcing it.

Outsourced fulfilment is doing for you the storing, the picking, the packing and the posting of your goods. Typically a fulfilment company will integrate with your channels, so if you sell on Amazon, eBay and Shopify, it will integrate with those three channels. When people buy on your sites, the integrations will bring those orders into the warehouse, where the items will be picked, packed, and posted.

If you have bespoke order fulfilment requests, your products can be packed in any way you’ve pre-agreed, including sustainable options.

Outsourced Order Fulfilment gives you time to what’s important for you: product, marketing, customer service

Order Fulfilment – Pricing

There are many different kinds of fulfilment companies, from old fashioned to tech-driven. Some fulfilment providers use their own software, others outsource it. If you get quotes from different companies, you’ll see many different prices. In our case, our prices won’t hide anything from you, so we have a page with our transparent costs.

Our unique Hub Model creates a micro-warehouse within our warehouse, and combines the lowest like-for-like costs with best-in-class service. Our algorithm will also find the best shipping rates at the time your order is being dispatched. However, you can select the courier or the shipping options that best suit your business.

The best fulfilment companies will give you access to an online dashboard, where you can check analytics and real-time billing information. You’re going to know on a daily or even an hourly basis exactly what it’s costing you to use their services.

Outsourced Order Fulfilment can save you time and money. Get a Quote.

Order Fulfilment Success Stories

100s of online businesses have grown using Huboo’s UK & EU eCommerce order fulfilment service. Our fulfilment solution is trusted by companies of all sizes, from challengers to established and premium brands. Read how these companies have benefited here.

Cross-border Order Fulfilment

If you want to expand your eCommerce brand to new territories, you can compete with local brands (delivery time and taxes) by fulfilling your orders in these territories.

An order can be fulfilled in warehouses or fulfilment centre outside of the customer’s country; this is known as cross-border fulfilment. Huboo helps businesses grow by taking care of all their eCommerce order fulfilment needs on a global scale. Our network of fulfilment centres across the UK and mainland Europe fulfil domestic and international ecommerce orders.

Expand your eCommerce Brand with cross-border fulfilment

Why Huboo is different from other order fulfilment companies

⇒ We have a unique fulfilment model: uur unique hub model creates service-led micro fulfilment centres

⇒ We’re unique in the fulfilment market because we own the full stack, which means we can be truly flexible

⇒ All our staff are share holders which means all our staff are passionate about delivering our goal.

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