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Whether you currently ship, or plan to ship, your eCommerce products to Germany, we have all the fulfilment expertise needed to make your business thrive.

With Huboo you can compete with online German stores by making shipments at the same cost and on the same terms as local retailers.

There are many benefits that businesses will gain by fulfilling their orders from Germany. Firstly, distribution costs tend to be lower when shipping to other European countries, both from and within Germany.

This can save businesses a significant amount of money on shipping expenses. Additionally, delivery times in Germany are generally quite fast – usually just 1-2 days as standard. Such an arrangement is a major advantage for businesses with time-sensitive products, or for retailers needing to get orders out quickly.
Focus on your product and your online sales strategy. We’ll take care of the rest.

With our unique micro-hub model, Huboo provides a sophisticated yet humancentric approach to eCommerce fulfilment. This means we’re able to fulfil orders at competitive prices both in Germany and across Europe within just a couple of days.

Our experience and proficiency in European eCommerce fulfilment is ideal for helping take your e-business to the next level.

Why fulfil your orders from Germany?

Our fulfilment centre in Leipzig

Our fulfilment centre in Leipzig

We have our own fulfilment centre in Leipzig, which is located in the middle of Germany and well connected to logistics hubs across Europe via a comprehensive network of roads, railways, and airports.

Several highways and Autobahnen run through or near the city, making it easily accessible by car and other transportation. The city is located near several motorways that connect it with major locations like Berlin, Dresden and Frankfurt, thus making it an important hub for road and rail transport.

Leipzig is easily accessible from the German rail network, with direct trains to Berlin, Hamburg, and Munich scheduled daily. Leipzig is also served by a high-speed rail line, the ICE, which connects it to major German cities.

Leipzig is near two global airports, Leipzig/Halle Airport and Dresden Airport, with direct flights from airlines like Lufthansa and British Airways. They are also major hubs for logistics companies like DHL and FedEx.

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Fulfil from an EU country: Quick Delivery, Lower Costs, Less Bureaucracy

Huboo EU

Fulfil from an EU country: Quick Delivery, Lower Costs, Less Bureaucracy

Shipping your products from inside the EU means you can take advantage of the benefits of the Single Market. It’s much easier to fulfil your orders to European Union countries and countries through trade agreements made with the EU.

When a customer places an order, we pick, pack and deliver the order for you from our fulfilment centre in Germany, what means faster and cheaper domestic and international deliveries, with less bureaucracy

Thanks to our international network of recognized courier partners and strategic fulfilment centres around the continent, we offer a complete European order fulfilment service, with quick shipping from Germany to key European eCommerce markets.

Transparent costs to fulfil from Germany

Transparent costs to fulfil from Germany

Our prices for dispatch from Germany is completely transparent for the peace of mind of all our customers. Fulfilment costs start from £1.54 for domestic orders, and £1.41 for sending from Germany to other countries.

You can easily Integrate with one of our local high-quality carriers to get great value Huboo Express rates for deliveries in Germany.

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Fulfil from other European countries

Fulfil from other European countries

You can save time and reduce admin tasks by fulfiling your orders from our Huboo sites in Spain and Netherlands, making your goods/products movement and deliveries much easier.

If you’re a merchant looking for strategic commercial points, visit the links below:

Spain Netherlands

Our Unique Hub Model

Como funciona - Huboo Fulfillment

Our Unique Hub Model

The Hub Model we’ve created consists of many micro-warehouses based within our larger fulfilment centres.

This means that instead of walking miles every day to reach picking locations, our team members need only travel far shorter distances, reducing the time spent on picking products, which in turn means faster packing and delivery for our customers. This is a unique approach across the fulfilment market.

Each Hub is managed by one of our skilled Hub Managers, who looks after your products and will reply directly to all queries, thereby giving you the dual-benefit of a fully-focused manager and a far more personal service. Each Hub Manager acts as an extension and guardian of your brand, following your fulfilment instructions as requested.

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Meet our Team in Germany

Andrej Kotliar, Sales Manager in Germany

Andrej Kotliar, Sales Manager in Germany

With over 15 years of experience in the corporate world, Andrej is excited to start the new challenge of growing Huboo’s presence in the DACH region and beyond.

“Fulfillment can be a competitive advantage in Germany. In fact, it’s one of the reasons Huboo has been so successful in our market.
Our fulfillment centers are located in strategic locations throughout Europe, so we’re able to offer quick, easy shipping to all our customers.

Additionally, our team is knowledgeable about the German eCommerce market and is able to provide our customers with the support they need to grow their businesses.”

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Roukida Chotza, Hub Manager in Germany

Roukida Chotza, Hub Manager in Germany

Roukida is one of Huboo’s dedicated Hub Mangers in Germany, arranging order fulfilment and assisting clients as the direct contact for their accounts.

“A typical day at Huboo generally involves a lot of order processing and checking.

I spend a lot of time communicating with our retailers and ensuring their orders are processed smoothly and on time.

I also work with our team and all other colleagues to ensure that all our processes are running smoothly and that our customers are happy with our service.”

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