Fulfilment Kitting Services

We provide kitting services where we expertly assemble items frequently ordered together into a single unit, which is then efficiently stored at our fulfilment center.

We also offer custom packaging, inserts and other bespoke services – talk to our team about your kitting needs.

What is kitting in the fulfilment process?

Kitting involves combining multiple items to create a product that are sold as a single SKU. It can involve the final steps in the assembly process, such as putting together special product packaging and inserts to hold a range of items sold as a gift set, or simply packing the items for a subscription box, that can then be picked as a whole or part order, and shipped to the end customer.


What’s the difference between kitting and bundling?

Kitting is the final stage in the assembly process, usually for an item that has multiple parts, whereas bundles are usually groups of items that can be bought together but may also be sold as separate items.

For example, you could sell a holiday drinks gift set, with miniature bottle and glass, sold in a specially designed box with insert to protect the fragile contents. The fulfilment partner could put the box together, place the items in the packaging and seal this as part of the kitting process.

Bundling could be if you sold drink glasses individually but also as a set of 6 for a reduced cost as a set.

How much does Huboo charge for kitting?

We offer bespoke pricing for most kitting requirements. Our team may ask you to share a video of the process to understand your exact needs.


What are the benefits of kitting?

It is unlikely that you will have one supplier for every product and packaging you require for your business. By outsourcing your kitting process to your fulfilment provider, you can have your manufacturers ship directly to one location for the rest of the process, reducing transit times and saving money.

In addition, this kitting process typically requires a lot of space and resource, to collect all of the required items together and assemble them, which may not be suitable for a business run from a pure office building where space is limited and staff are focused on other areas. Outsourcing this process takes the complexity out of this final stage of manufacture and allows you to focus on other areas.

Why choose Huboo for kitting and fulfilment:

Free set up, free integration, free storage*

We don’t charge for setting you up. There are no charges for integrating with your existing sales channels and systems either. And there’s free storage for two months.*Terms & Conditions apply
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Unique warehouse hub model

Our hubs replicate a complete fulfilment centre in a small space. It means you get a better service and we respond quickly and intelligently to your needs.

Clear, transparent fulfilment costs

Huboo makes things as straightforward and simple as they can be through clear pricing, fair terms, and simply saying it like it is.

UK & European fulfilment network

Get ready to reach a global audience in a few clicks. We’ve got everything in place to help you reach more customers in more places.
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Keep track of everything – the Huboo Dashboard

Fulfilment at your fingertips. Our platform lets you monitor every stage of the process – goods in, bundles, sales and listings by channel, courier tracking, inventory, costs and billing.
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Global courier services – get Huboo Express rates

We know one size doesn’t fit every business. So you can integrate with one of our international courier partners – and get Huboo Express rates. Or integrate your existing courier service and plans with us. Simple.

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