eCommerce Third Party Logistics (3PL) made easy

Are you searching for a 3PL provider to fulfil your orders? Huboo can take your stock, store it, pick, pack and ship it for you automatically.


Huboo Third Party Logistics

Our unique Third Party Logistics hub model offers flexibility and low costs for companies of all sizes. And our software developed in-house integrates with most eCommerce sales channels, marketplaces and systems needed.


From D2C fulfilment operations to deep storage, we offer tailored solutions to scale your eCommerce with seamless logistics operations.


Our network of 3PL centres across the UK and mainland Europe means we can serve your customers all over the world. We have 5 fulfilment centres across the UK, as well as sites in Eindhoven, Madrid and Leipzig, with plans to continue our European expansion.

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Ein Comic-Truck, der mit verschiedenen Formen befüllt wird, die die Produktvielfalt beschrieben sollen, die mit Huboo abgebildet werden kann. 13,500,000+
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Award-winning Third Party Logistics solutions

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Our Unique Micro-Hub model

Do you know the traditional large warehouse? Well, we’ve split it into many micro warehouses. This unique model allows us to do more picks per hour than any other fulfilment service and is the reason we offer industry-leading prices & scalability.

Industry-leading prices

We offer a simple and transparent 3PL pricing model, without hidden fees. We also offer 2 months free storage, no set-up fees, free integration, free use of our client dashboard and live billing. (*T&Cs apply)


The Hub Model has unlimited scalability – we can quickly start the fulfilment of new products or product lines quickly. We overstaff for peak periods and track expected order volume to support your eCommerce during busy seasons or when you have unexpected sales peaks.

Watch the video and see how you can outsource your eCommerce fulfilment easily and quickly with Huboo:

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