Searching for a 3PL partner to scale your DTC operation?

Are you a DTC retailer looking to grow your business? At Huboo we take care of all D2C eCommerce fulfilment needs from our advanced UK & European fulfilment centres.

We are DTC fulfilment experts

Our 3PL allows brands to outsource time-consuming logistics processes to focus on more strategic tasks.

Read on to discover the many benefits of our service and how Huboo’s unique approach to DTC order management makes us the future of eCommerce fulfilment.

We can be wherever you need us to be – our hub model means we can get up and running in a matter of days for you.

Why Choose Huboo

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Flexible fulfilment technology

Our scalable technology and helpful experts are ready for global opportunities.
We’ll develop bespoke integrations, custom processes and reporting… whatever you need, wherever in the world it needs to happen.

Dedicated Account Managers

Our unique model is built around service, so we don’t charge for a Key Account Manager to help your business grow.
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Exceptional quality as standard

We own our technology and don’t franchise our model. The reason is simple – it means that, whichever hub your customers order from, the quality will be consistent.
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Built from customer feedback

Huboo has been built alongside our customers. Owning the end-to-end solution means we can act on customer feedback, shaping Huboo for their needs.

Expert Hub Managers

We’ll provide you with a dedicated warehouse Hub Manager — someone who knows your business and products inside/out, and acts as an extension of your team.
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Get valuable insights from data

Manage your entire inventory from a single powerful tool, and have everything you need to know at your fingertips. In real time.

5 way your fulfilment operation is preventing D2C growth

In recent years, there have been a lot of industry experts recommending combining B2B and DTC fulfilment for improved inventory management from a single source. While the appeal of utilising a single provider for both B2B and DTC fulfilment is understandable from this standpoint, seeking simplicity through this approach could be harming the growth of your D2C operation.

Customer expectations

DTC customers don’t just want fast, cost-effective, and convenient delivery, they expect it. These customers want multiple delivery options from an economy and premium option through to collection from lockers and convenience stores as well as same-day dispatch and the unboxing itself to be an experience. If they are going to be persuaded to order directly from your brand and not a third party they already trust, the delivery experience has to be as convenient if not above and beyond what they would get elsewhere.

78% would choose a competitor if the speed of delivery was too slow.

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Consumers are not just ordering direct from a brands website but also marketplaces and social media channels. Diversifying your D2C sales channels can help make sure your meeting your customers where ever they are shopping, and that means you a fulfilment partner with  integrations with each channel to pull through the order information for picking, and pass tracking information back to the channel.

To satisfy the customer’s need for convenience and low-cost shipping methods, the D2C fulfilment partner also need to be able to offer different delivery services, including multiple couriers which will also require some technical set-up.

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DTC orders often include just one single unit or one of multiple different items so stock needs to be stored in a way that it is easy to access individual units as quickly as possible. The stock will also turn over more slowly as the orders have fewer items, therefore it may be prudent to store smaller volumes with a DTC fulfilment partner. Distance between SKUs will also have a direct impact on the efficiency of the operation as there may be multiple picks per order with a much lower order value making every minute count.

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DTC orders often have specific requirements enforced by the sales channel or the type of customer for marketing purposes. Branded packaging, kitting, bundling or specific couriers may all be required to meet the demands of the platform, build trust and
encourage repeat purchases. These will vary between clients and change over time. Due to the demands of the customer, additional processes may also be required to ensure on-time dispatch of priority orders even during peak times, these include longer operating hours with cut-offs for same-day dispatch.

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DTC fulfilment specialists are all looking to expand their offerings beyond picking and packing and specialise their services to particular industries to meet requirements for batch control, returns, or storage, as well as adding additional services such as outsourced customer service, branded packaging, personalisation, on-demand printing, email marketing and last-mile delivery services.

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What our customers say

We are extremely excited to begin this journey with Huboo. They have demonstrated extraordinary growth in the years since they were founded, and we look forward to growing with them as the Club continues its upward trajectory both on and off the field.
Nathan Thompson CCO, West Ham United
“As we grew our DTC channel, it made sense for us to choose a dedicated DTC fulfilment partner. We needed a company whose expertise in DTC fulfilment would provide us the flexibility to offer more personalised experiences to our customers, with custom bundles, bespoke packaging and inserts, as well as ensuring our orders are always dispatched within 24hrs.”
Greg Forrest Ops Manager

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