EU Fulfilment

There are many advantages to fulfilling your orders within the EU (European Union). The main advantage is the free movement of goods within the bloc. Other benefits include fast delivery, scalability, and access to some of the world’s strongest economies.

We are EU fulfilment specialists.

We’re a full-stack global logistics partner with a strong base across EU markets. Our fulfilment centres are located in strategic places in the European Union: Madrid (Spain), Veldhoven (Netherlands) and Leipzig (Germany).

Our award-winning, end-to-end fulfilment solution, backed by in-house technology and operational excellence, is tailored for growing eCommerce businesses who want to expand into thriving European markets.

We take your stock, store it, pick, pack and deliver it for you automatically in the EU. Contact us and unlock your potential for seamless EU expansion.

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We’ve got everything in place to help you reach more customers through EU fulfilment. Our fulfilment centre locations in the EU are listed below.


Why Choose Huboo for EU fulfilment?

Huboo is a leading EU fulfilment provider, offering comprehensive and cost-effective solutions to streamline your clients’ expansion into European markets. Our services include:

Full stack fulfilment

Our flexible and scalable technology has revolutionised fulfilment. Unlike hybrid fulfilment models, we remove the need for outsourcing with our low capex, instantly deployable micro warehousing model.

Multichannel operations

We vertically integrate all software and operations, driving the most economic, bespoke and flexible fulfilment system globally.

Dedicated client care

Our unique model is built around service. We pride ourselves on our responsiveness and giving maximum value.
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Exceptional quality

We own our technology and don’t franchise our model. The reason is simple – it means that, whichever hub your customers order from, the quality will be consistent.

Built from customer feedback

Huboo has been built alongside our customers. Owning the end-to-end solution means we can act on customer feedback, shaping Huboo for their needs.

Expert Hub Managers

We’ll provide you with a dedicated warehouse Hub Manager — someone who knows your business and products inside/out, and acts as an extension of your team.

Data-driven decisions

Manage your entire inventory from a single powerful tool, and have everything you need to know at your fingertips. In real time.
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Insight-led recommendations

Our HubStore uses powerful insights to recommend ways in which you can grow your business through value add-ons.
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Sustainable operations

Our solar-powered fulfilment; paperless picking devices; and tree planting for orders shipped help you provide sustainable fulfilment solutions.

Interested? Let’s talk about expanding your reach.

Don’t miss the opportunity to tap into the thriving EU eCommerce market. With Huboo’s European fulfilment services, you can grow your businesses beyond borders.

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