Do you want to fulfil your eCommerce Orders in Spain?

Whether you currently sell, or plan to sell your eCommerce products to Spain, we have the fulfilment expertise to make your business thrive.

Our fulfilment centre in Madrid can support (and boost) your eCommerce growth thanks to our unique micro-hub model and tech-driven yet humancentric approach to order fulfilment.

With Huboo you can compete with online Spanish stores by making shipments at the same cost and on the same terms as local retailers.

Huboo’s expertise in eCommerce fulfilment across Europe can help you and your businesses prosper. Our unique micro-hub model, seamless dashboard, and well-established network of last-mile delivery partners make us the leading name in eCommerce logistics.

Focus on your product and your online sales strategy. We’ll take care of the rest.

Our high-quality network of courier partners will enable you to fulfil your orders quickly across Spain and Europe, with quick shipments from Spain to key markets.

Transparent costs to fulfil from Spain

Our prices for dispatch from Spain are completely transparent for the peace of mind of all our customers.

You can easily Integrate with one of our local high-quality carriers to get great value Huboo Express rates for deliveries in Spain. View our prices

Fulfil from other European countries

You can save time and reduce admin tasks by fulfilling your orders from other Huboo sites, such as Germany and The Netherlands. This makes your deliveries and the movement of your goods/products much easier. We have fulfilment centres in the UK, Netherlands, Germany and Spain – see our locations here.

Key Facts – Fulfilment from Spain

✅ Spain offers access to as many as 450 million customers across 27 countries of the European Union, making it an ideal hub for worldwide dispatch.

✅ The eCommerce market in Spain has been growing steadily over the past few years. In 2023, the eCommerce market in Spain was estimated to generate around €64.5 billion in revenue (a).

✅ Fulfiling from Spain is an excellent option for merchants from Portugal and France, as well as being ideal for providing to customers in these locations.

✅ As of 2023, Spain’s eCommerce market is estimated to generate around €64.5 billion in revenue. This figure represents the total sales made through online channels, encompassing various segments such as fashion, electronics, media, food, personal care, and more. (b).

✅ The eCommerce market in Spain is experiencing robust growth, with an annual growth rate of approximately 8-10%, reflecting the increasing adoption of online shopping among consumers in the country. (c).

✅ 64% of Spaniards make more than one online purchase per month. The preferred categories are fashion (62%) and electronics (47.8%), followed by health and beauty (47.6%), home or office (44.3%), culture (44.3%), food (43.1%) and travel (58%) (d).

✅eCommerce in Spain exceeded 20 billion euros in the second quarter of 2023. That is 12.7% more than the previous year. (e).

✅ Major international players like Amazon, eBay, and AliExpress have a strong presence in Spain. (f).

Sources: (a) Eurostat; (b) E-marketers report; (c) RetailX Spain eCommerce report; (d) Chollometro & Statista; (e) CNMC; (f) Global Data Reports

Why You Should Make Spain Your Next EU eCommerce Market

If you run a UK-based business and are thinking of expanding your enterprise across the continent , there’s no better location than the sunny shores of Spain. Yes, Brexit has caused many issues for UK sellers who provide their services to the EU market, but this should not deter UK sellers from expanding to EU territories.

Expanding Your UK Business into the EU: Why Choose Spain?

Huboo is expanding its own operations across the content, and Spain is the next country where we plan to introduce our unique approach to warehouse fulfilment. Our employee-focused method of eCommerce distribution allows our clients to have direct contact with a designated fulfilment manager who ‘ll ensure all client needs are individually catered for.

The Growth of eCommerce in Spain: A Land of Opportunity

But why expand into the Spanish market? Well, Spain is a leading nation for eCommerce success. In fact, 2020 saw the country boast an impressive 36% year-on-year commerce growth even as the pandemic caused distribution problems for businesses around the world. This growth was the third largest of any EU country that year.

The economies of Spain and the UK have long been built around strong trade agreements. The two countries hold close ties across many aspects of business, with Spain remaining the 11th largest UK goods exporter, even after the Brexit negotiations concluded. In total, this trade accounts for 2.6% of all UK exports.

In addition to strong UK ties, Spain is also a prime location for establishing cross-border shipping to other valuable territories, with the country’s other top markets being the robust economies of China and Germany. Another great benefit of expanding into the Spanish market is that once your business is successfully established here you can use this location as a reliable door to the EU single market for further access to the organisation’s 450 million consumers.

Huboo’s Expertise in Navigating EU Expansion Post-Brexit

Huboo is already an industry expert when it comes to organising successful EU campaigns for UK businesses, having established itself as a leading eCommerce fulfilment centre in the Netherlands over the past few years. This move into Europe has allowed us to recognize and negotiate the many vital changes that Brexit has brought; making us a distribution centre with insight into European expansion which many other eCommerce warehousing companies lack.

The challenges presented by Brexit have actually strengthened Huboo’s knowledge of European expansion and increased our awareness of how a third-party logistics company should adapt to the changes posed by Brexit regulations. So instead of putting yourself through the hassle of negotiating the minefield of Brexit legal criteria, you can allow our fulfilment experts to look these issues while you focus on your company’s internal management.

Huboo’s Future Plans: Beyond Spain and into Europe

Huboo’s venture into Spain will only be the beginning of our ambition as we look further across the continent for new fulfilment opportunities. With Huboo you’re in safe hands wherever you choose to sale. Click here to learn about how we have already successfully expanded Huboo’s fulfilment model to the Netherlands.

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