Food and Drink Fulfilment

We can offer all the services you need to scale your Food & Drink eCommerce: kitting, subscription boxes fulfilment, bespoke/sustainable packaging, batch control and more. Speak to our Food & Drink team to learn more.

At Huboo we are passionate about providing the best food & beverage fulfilment experience. We listen to what food brands need and evolve and adapt to the current market.

We offer these food and drink fulfilment options:

Customised packaging solutions including seasonal packaging.
Batch control, allows for product recall.
Inventory control through FEFO, FIFO and LIFO.
Temperature regulated warehouses suitable for ambient storage.
Kitting services for final stage assembly of taster sets, gift packs.

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Food and Drink Fulfilment by Huboo

Free set up, free integration, free storage*

We don’t charge for setting you up. There are no charges for integrating with your existing sales channels and systems either. And there’s free storage for two months.*Terms & Conditions apply
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Unique warehouse hub model

Our hubs replicate a complete fulfilment centre in a small space. It means you get a better service and we respond quickly and intelligently to your Food & Drink Third Party Logistics needs.

Clear, transparent Food & Drink fulfilment costs

Huboo makes things as straightforward and simple as they can be through clear pricing, fair terms, and simply saying it like it is.

UK & European Food & Drink 3PL network

Get ready to reach a global audience in a few clicks. We’ve got everything in place to help you reach more customers in more places.
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Keep track of everything – the Huboo Dashboard

Fulfilment at your fingertips. Our platform lets you monitor every stage of the process – goods in, sales and listings by channel, courier tracking, inventory, costs and billing.
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Global courier services – get Huboo Express rates

We know one size doesn’t fit every business. So you can integrate with one of our international courier partners – and get Huboo Express rates. Or integrate your existing courier service and plans with us. Simple.

UK Online Food Industry Trends

  • $3.6bn
    value of online food sales in the UK in 2022-23
  • +15%
    YOY market growth

Food eCommerce is growing rapidly.

Despite a saturated market dominated by the big name supermarkets, smaller, specialised businesses are finding success where consumer behaviour towards ordering groceries online has changed since the pandemic, driven by convenience, urbanisation and growth of subscription models.

In addition to this, an increase in food intolerances, specialist diets and concerns over food waste and the environment, has also lead to a rise in demand for a greater variety of products than traditionally caried by the supermarkets including “wonky” food, vegan, and gluten free option.

Food related gifts have also become a staple for UK consumers with 70% of UK adults interested in ‘build your own’ food and/or drink gift packages (1)

1 According to a 2022 report by Mintel

Food fulfilment services

We can help you fulfil all kinds of food and drink products

Sauces and spreads

We can fulfil any kind of ambient goods that come in fragile packaging such as glass jars and bottles.

Dried products

Packets of dried goods and cupboard essentials such as pasta, rice, seeds, nuts or cereals.


Multipacks, bundles or selection packs of lightweight snacks such as chocolate, crisps and cereal bars


Specialist spice blends are becoming popular for consumers looking to shake up their weekday meals.

Teas & coffees

From artisan coffee on subscription plans to tea advent calendars and unique blends, Huboo can fulfil them all.

Soft Drinks

We work with a number of low calorie, zero alcohol and soft drink businesses to develop their D2C market.

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