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Our unique fulfilment model is powered by our technology. We’re unique in that we own the full fulfilment technology stack, so we can shape Huboo to your needs. We’ll work with you to develop bespoke integrations, custom processes, and tailored reporting to create an eCommerce platform for growth.

Technology plays an integral part in solving the complex process of logistics and order fulfilment. Having a software solution to help manage inventory, pick, pack and ship orders and track these shipments increases accuracy and efficiency, which is essential for building a smooth and robust eCommerce business that can sustain growth.

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Core Functionality of Fulfilment Software:

What are cost-cutting strategies in eCommerce businesses?

Order Management

Receive, manage, and track orders from various sales channels, including e-commerce platforms, marketplaces, and direct orders.

Inventory Management (IMS)

Maintain real-time inventory visibility, track stock levels, and optimise inventory allocation to ensure adequate product availability.

Warehouse Management (WMS)

Organise warehouse operations, optimize picking and packing routes, and manage warehouse layout for efficient order fulfilment.

Shipping and Carrier Management

Integrate with various shipping carriers, generate shipping labels, and track shipments in real-time.

Returns Management

Handle returns efficiently, process refunds, and analyse return trends to identify product or fulfilment issues.

Reporting and Analytics

Generate comprehensive reports on order fulfilment metrics, inventory levels, shipping performance, and customer satisfaction.

5 Benefits of Fulfilment Software:

With more control and visibility, comes better decision making across all areas of the fulfilment process as well as the rest of your business.

Improved customer satisfaction

Fulfilment software can help to improve customer satisfaction by reducing errors, speeding up shipping times, and providing real-time tracking information.

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Reduced Costs

by creating a single source of truth and automating the flow of information with a comprehensive fulfilment software you can significantly increase efficiency and accuracy, saving you money

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Increased sales

Fulfilment software can be used to ensure inventory levels are accurate and reduce errors ensuring the maximum amount of stock is available.

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Fulfilment software allows businesses to process information faster and from more sources, allowing you to sell more products in more places without extra challenges that could come from still using paper pick sheets and manual stock take processes.

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Fulfilment software can also help sellers to comply with shipping and custom regulations more easily.

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Fulfilment Technology that fits around you

Our technology speeds things up, brings clarity and we can shape it to work in exactly the ways our great people and you need it to. We own and manage all our tech, from the software that powers our perfect picking devices in the warehouse, to the customer dashboard where you can monitor the process end to end. It’s more secure that way, and we’re always in control.

Here are just some of the tools included in our software that allows us to help our clients simplify their fulfilment process:

Integrations with 30+ marketplaces and eCommerce platforms including an Open API with automations for sharing order information, listing details, dispatch and tracking information.
⇒ Integrations and partnerships with a network of global couriers
⇒ Inventory management software (IMS)
⇒ Custom-built perfect picking device
⇒ Bundling functionality
⇒ Bulk editing tools
⇒ Real time fulfilment cost breakdown by order
⇒ Central location to manage orders from multiple sales channels in one place for greater consistency and transparency
⇒ Multi-location fulfilment
⇒ Warehouse Management Software (WMS)
⇒ Personalised order update notifications for your end customers (Email Marketing)
⇒ Courier status updates
⇒ Batch/ Lot traceability from Goods In to your end customers
⇒ FEFO (First Expire First Out) stock management
⇒ MLOR (Minimum Life On Receipt) tool to ensure your customers always receive their order with a suitable shelf life remaining

Why our fulfilment software is unique

⇒ We own our technology and don’t franchise our model.

⇒ Our fulfilment software has been built alongside our customers.

⇒ You will always have access to the latest version without hidden fees for upgrades.

⇒ We can easily sync with the systems you need us to.

⇒ See aggregated data across all your eCommerce channels, territories and customers, and empower your decision making.

⇒ There are no charges for integrating with your existing sales channels and systems either.


Fulfilment Software for Startups & SMEs

We put fulfilment at your fingertips letting you monitor every stage of the process from your Huboo Dashboard. Track your goods in, monitor sales and listings by each channel, track couriers, manage your inventory, costs and billing.
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Fulfilment Software for Large & Enterprise Businesses

Our scalable technology and helpful experts are ready for global order fulfilment opportunities, and we can easily sync with the systems you need us to. We’ll work closely with you to develop bespoke integrations, custom processes such as automation, and tailored reporting… whatever you need, wherever in the world it needs to happen.
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Large & Enterprise eCommerce Fulfilment

Choosing the right fulfilment software

Whether you are fulfilling orders in house or outsourcing to a 3PL partner, using fulfilment software that is flexible, scalable, and reliable is essential. Logistics is a complex process with many moving parts so the more tools and controls you can have in one system to centralise this function the better, giving you a more holistic view of the process and ensuring there are no surprises or missed opportunities. Some important questions to consider are:

⇒ Does this software support the needs of my products? (batch control, B2B, returns etc)
⇒ Does this solution work with my existing tools? What integrations do they have.
⇒ Do they charge for integrations, set up or changes?
⇒ Am I able to scale my business with this solution? Will it cope with increased SKUs, order volume and other complexities?
⇒ Am I able to expand my business with this solution? How simple is it to add additional territories?
⇒ How difficult is it to implement this solution?
⇒ What support is available?


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