Our Hub Model

Our unique Hub Model creates service-led hubs that enables eCommerce brands to boost efficiency and lower costs with scalable, precise order fulfilment.

Our Hub Model consists of creating micro-warehouses within our larger warehouses. Instead of walking miles and miles inside to reach the picking locations, our teams walk far shorter distances in our micro-warehouses, thereby reducing the time spent picking products. This difference dramatically improves the fulfilment efficiency and allows us to reduce costs. It means you get a better service and we respond quickly and intelligently to your needs.

We’ll also provide you with a dedicated warehouse team who will know your business and products inside/out, acting as an extension of your team.

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How it works

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Hub Manager

Each Hub is managed by one of our skilled Hub Managers, who you will have direct contact with. This is a unique approach across the fulfilment market, as your designated Hub Manager will look after your products and reply to your queries. Each Hub Manager acts as an extension and guardian of your brand, following your fulfilment instructions.


With our Hub Model, your brand has unlimited space to grow. The Hub Model boasts unlimited scalability and can increase the efficiency of large volumes of orders to be fulfilled, even at short notice.
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Tech-driven + human-centric

Huboo offers the best of both worlds: a solid in-house software designed to power our Hub Model, which is managed by our human fulfilment team. This creates a much-needed balance between advanced technology and a human touch, thereby creating stability and success in all areas of the fulfilment process.

See for yourself

Check out our reviews or visit our warehouse to see our Hub Model in action.

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