Pick and Pack Services for eCommerce Sellers

We take your stock, store it, pick, pack and deliver it for you automatically.

In just a few simple steps, you’ll be selling, growing and focusing on the things you enjoy most, with the peace of mind that we’re taking care of your orders.

With Huboo you get excellence as standard thanks to our 99.9% fulfilment accuracy. How? Because we put quality and reliability first. Our great people and smart technology are there for you, working in harmony to give you the reassurance and freedom to deliver your goals.

We can store, pick, pack and post for you using bespoke instructions.

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How do Our Pick and Pack Services Work

1. Before We Pick and Pack

Before Pick n Pack, there are some steps in the order fulfilment process from Huboo:

Register your stock: use the Huboo system to tell us which products you want us to fulfil and how to recognise them e.g. by a barcode, item number or your own custom identifier.

Goods In: You can send your goods or have your manufacturer send directly to our warehouses and fulfilment centres.

Warehouse and Storage: our teams receive your products and organise them in our fulfilment centres.

2. Customer Buys 🙂

When a customer visits your online store and buys a product, we receive this information and start the pick and pack process.

Our order fulfilment solution integrates with most shopping websites, meaning that syncing your store with our system is an easy undertaking.

3. Pick and Pack time!

Next our team Pick n Pack your order. First, the product is picked from our warehouse, then it’s packed in accordance with your instructions. Alternatively, you can send the product pre-packed ready for us to dispatch.

4. The next step: delivery

Following our Pick and Pack Services, the delivery process begins. You can either choose a courier service from our list of partners or continue to use an existing arrangement you have. Either way, Huboo has got you covered at every step of shipping.

5. Keeping you up to date

Your Huboo dashboard allows you to track your inbound goods and monitor stock levels and sales figures in real-time.

6. UK & EU Fulfilment Centres

Our Fulfilment Centres in the UK, the Netherlands, Spain, and Germany offer Pick and Pack Services to fulfil eCommerce orders from all over the world.

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