Calm Collective sees sales increase 86% working with Huboo

Calm Collective is on a mission to provide comfort and support to people dealing with anxiety, ADHD, and autism through its unique fidget and anxiety rings.

Huboo has signed up wellness brand Calm Collective to support its growth journey and take its pioneering, anxiety-relieving jewellery to customers across Europe.

Calm Collective is on a mission to provide comfort and support to people dealing with anxiety, ADHD, and autism through its unique fidget and anxiety rings. Founded in 2022, the wellness brand has quickly found an audience for its distinctive designs and durable products, and each month ships 1,000s of products across more than 100 SKUs.

Calm Collective’s rapid growth since launch meant the company needed an external fulfilment partner to alleviate its growing fulfilment challenge and support its expansion into mainland Europe, which had previously been too prohibitive to enter due to the heavy admin burden involved. 

Huboo was selected due to its specialism supporting fast-growth eCommerce brands, its competitive, transparent pricing, and its pan-European presence. Huboo started fulfilling Calm Collective’s orders in May 2023 – and between June and November, their sales increased by 86%, while bringing down shipping times in both the UK and Europe and ensuring a seamless customer experience from ordering through to delivery.

Matt Lewis, co-founder of Calm Collective, commented: “We started Calm Collective to raise the bar for fidget and anxiety rings. Customers really benefit from these products, but they also want to express themselves – just as they would with any other jewellery. Our range really stands out from the crowd, and as order volumes have skyrocketed, we realised that we’d need an external fulfilment partner to keep on meeting customer expectations.

“Choosing Huboo was a no-brainer. They’re experts in eCommerce, and I’ve been particularly impressed with how they’ve eased our pathway into the EU market. I didn’t think this would be straightforward due to the exacting VAT and customs compliance requirements – Huboo proved me wrong. Ultimately, I’m just not worried about my fulfilment now. It’s nailed down, and I know that Huboo can scale with us as we grow.”

By partnering with Huboo, Calm Collective is also able to customise its packaging, create gift boxes and maintain a personalised approach to every order, while Huboo’s order tracking ensures customers always know exactly where their jewellery is and when it’s due to be shipped – an important yardstick for all wellness products.

The next goal for Calm Collective will be moving from UK-based shipments and shifting stock over to mainland Europe to bring down the delivery time and cost for EU orders, something which Huboo will be able to facilitate through its pan-European warehouse network and real-time stock forecasting and order management technology.

Calm Collective is an amazing brand making a positive difference in people’s lives by helping them stay calm, focused and in control of whatever each day throws at them. Its main competitors are off-the-shelf, often lightweight products hawked out via digital marketplaces. There’s no contest when it comes to jewellery quality, but it’s vital that Calm Collective is able to offer the same ease and convenience when selling via its website, which is where our fulfilment services come to the fore.
“We’re proud to be partnering with some of the leading lights of the UK wellness industry, and we’re committed to supporting Calm Collective on the next stage of its exciting European growth journey.

Paul Dodd

co-founder and CIO at Huboo

What Huboo provides is a foundational layer of support for my business that can be scaled as I ship to more locations and across multiple channels. For example, I’m exploring things like TikTok Shop and other social commerce tools, but I’m also thinking about how to get Kikakinis into traditional retail outlets. I can think big because I know that Huboo will be by my side, regardless of where the growth journey takes me next.
Kate Shillitoe Founder
Since using Huboo for our eCommerce fulfilment in 2019 we’ve scaled our eBay store at an amazing rate, so much so that we won the 2023 eBay Business Growth Award. Huboo’s speedy dispatch of our vintage items helps us retain a loyal and growing fan base and takes away all the hassle of managing and fulfilling orders. We simply would not have been able to grow and scale to such heights by keeping this part of the process in-house.
Amy Weaver eCommerce Manager
I initially found Huboo on Instagram. After asking small business owners who they use for fulfilment, Huboo popped up a few times. We originally shipped through Amazon, but as soon as me and Dean, our CEO and co-founder, spoke to Rob (our BDM), that was it for us. We loved the familiar, family-style approach of working. Huboo feels like an extension of our team; that’s what we were looking for, and that’s what we found. I would recommend Huboo to anyone; I think they’re the best in the business, and we’re grateful for you guys.
Hermione Underwood UK CEO

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