In Conversation with Dingbats Notebooks

Dingbats* is an eco-friendly brand of stationery developed in a masterful consideration of materials and design

Dingbats is an eco-friendly brand of stationery products. Originally founded to be a side business to the family’s paper business which dates back to the 1800s, the initial purpose of Dingbats was to raise awareness for endangered animals worldwide. We’re also in proud partnership with the WWF and donate 2% of our annual revenue to them.

Dingbats was founded in 2016; shortly after, we introduced Dingbats to the UK market via Amazon and physical retail stores, including WHSmith, and now we’ve expanded globally!


Your notebooks are degradable, vegan and recyclable. What made you want to develop a line of sustainable notebooks?

We saw a gap in the market for eco-friendly notebooks and wanted to create high-quality products that reflect our values whilst meeting consumer demand. As we raise awareness for endangered animals, it was vital to produce products that don’t harm the animals we seek to protect whilst creating exclusive, personalised notebooks that consumers can buy with peace of mind. Oh, and we’re the only stationery brand with a vegan certification.


What was the main reason that drove you to outsource your fulfilment needs?

As we work remotely in the UK market, we needed a company in the UK to take care of our fulfilment needs. We contemplated using Amazon but needed an alternative warehouse that worked closely with couriers to deliver website orders and fulfil our final mile needs, and then we found Huboo!


What options did you consider before Huboo, and what made you choose us?

Our journey was a long one, we went through many partners before we settled with Huboo, but this was all a part of our learning process. The look and feel of the Huboo website drew us in instantly, as did the simple UK/EU/international pricing structure that was straightforward, easily manageable and displayed clearly.

The unique hub model was also a vital factor in us feeling at ease, knowing that our products are in one place with a single Hub Manager who acts as an extension of our brand.

You currently sell online; what have you found to be the main benefit of outsourcing your fulfilment needs to Huboo?

It’s simple; we can get on with selling our notebooks. We now have experts handling the fulfilment process that we fully trust.

The dashboard is easy to use, as are the integration tools and shipping times. Orders placed before noon are shipped on the same day; sometimes, three or four days go by without needing to check our dashboard because we trust Huboo so much.

Lastly, the customer service and communication we’ve received has been exceptional. Any issues we’ve had, have been handled exceptionally well, and we get alerts informing us of any necessary information instantly.


I see you’ve got a huge social media following; what has lockdown meant for Dingbats?

Our online sales kept us covid proof. Before the pandemic, we were selling 80% of our orders online and 20% in physical stores; now, those stores have moved online, shifting Dingbats to be an almost 100% eCommerce business. We had that natural peak last March-May, which has continued until now; the surges haven’t dropped off due to the changes in consumer demand brought about by the covid-effect.


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