Forest Spa_ Finland and Huboo: a skincare fulfilment success story

Skincare with Wellness for a Global Audience: read the success story with Daniel Collins: Founder of Forest Spa_ Finland.

Forest spa Finland

Where did it all start?

Founded at the beginning of the pandemic, increasingly we saw that consumers were looking for skincare and wellness solutions that can have a positive impact on their daily lives and on the planet, and that is where Finland came in.

We are a skincare and wellness brand, with customers all around the world. Our company was founded on the principle that skincare and wellness are directly linked, so we began our journey with a mission to help customers combat the impact that stress has on their skin.

We really feel that it’s important for our products tell our story in a way that consumers can easily understand, so they recognise what we’re about and what the product does.

The name Forest Spa Finland is all about the experience that our products will offer, a daily connection to Nordic nature. We wanted our brand and product names to reflect what we are offering.

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